Where did we move to?

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These are sad times we live in. My husband, Cliff, worked for an industrial company in Illinois that made car headlights. They use a point system much like other production industries, which is understandable.

The problem Cliff and I had was the fact he asked permission before we left for Texas to take care of my mother’s remains. His supervisor told him he was good to go, she had him covered.

Now imagine our surprise when I opened his timesheet on the computer to find out they had pointed him for every day we were gone. I guess it was a good thing we went down and took care of business and got right back.

Final straw that made the ultimate decision.

All were excited because the company stated the employees were to have four days off for Thanksgiving; plans were made. People to go out of town as well as some to come into town to visit for a holiday. Yes, we invited people from another state to come to celebrate with us.

Two days before Thanksgiving, Cliff’s supervisor came around stated everyone needed to work Thanksgiving and all weekend. Cliff was livid. It’s becoming more and more un-American because companies want to require their employees to work on holiday’s. Our forfathers are rolling over in their graves at the fact people are have become antisocial. The reason they made Thanksgiving a holiday is so people would come together to celebrate a meal and remember how blessed they are. Plus, to build relations with other people in the community. It is more important now than ever, with cell phones, computers, and other electronics. People are more reclusive.

Now, I agreed with my husband when he decided he wasn’t going to work. Not wanted to be rude to his friend who drove all the way to our house from another state. He called the staffing agency to discuss the situation. Since, they told him he would have to discuss it with his supervisor. Which he had already done and got nowhere. She was the same one that told him he was good then pointed him every day we were gone with mom’s business. We knew that was a bust.

Impecible Timing

Yes, Cliff talked to the lady at the staffing company they had another job in Indiana. Same amount of money as well as per diem.

Our son, Brian calls, told Cliff he has a permanent job for him in West Virgina. Making the same amount of money, but no per diem. However, there is double time pay on Sunday. Now, this is the area where I grew up and have family.

Now, there’s a decision where to go? What job to take?

That far to go, knowing we would be going over mountains Cliff checked the brakes on the truck fixed them before we left for which ever destination we were to go to.

Immediately, I got to work packed the inside of the trailer while my husband worked outside. Day two as we packed the back of the truck. Snow started to fall. Opened the weather app to see we would be falling the snow. Not really what we wanted to do, but what choice did we have.

Thankful the snow stopped we got hooked up off we go. We made good time, naviated as I used the Waze app while on the phone with my husband so we could communicate. Stopped only to fill up the gas tank at the half way mark. Let me tell you, this saved us a lot of money. I will do this everytime I travel from here on out.

The snow on the road, came down as we drove. Slick streets we decided it was wise to stop for the night get some z’s. Rosalee, our granddaughter was already fast alseep in the back of my car. We pulled into a Pilot Truck Stop. I leaned the seat back grabbed my blanket. While my husband laid down in the front of his truck with his blanket.

Three hours later we were all away it had gotten to cold. Started the vehicles, warmed them up drank coffee, hot chocolate for Rosalee and ate some breakfast. Not in a rush we decided to relax a bit before we hit the road again.

On the road again, yep, I sung that song as we headed down the road. The snow had stopped, streets had been treated. It was a smooth drive to our destination. Now, we had to find a place to put our home. We found one place. After we checked it out we decided it was way to far out.

A night in a hotel, soft bed, hot shower and a great meal. Plus, an amazing neighbor who gave us info on a trailer park. Next morning we checked it out. We now have home sweet home. Now, our home is set up unpacked. Funny how it takes less time to unpack then to pack.

Drug test done, shopped for steel two boots. Orientation on Monday. Cliff loves the view, he doesn’t want to leave. Now, he understands why I wanted to come home so badly. Yes, we came back to West Virginia. It is still just as beautiful as it was fifteen years ago when I left with my mom to go south. I am home to stay. Visit may happen, travel to different places may come about, but I will not move again. Man let me tell you this place has changed for the better in the time I have gone it has grown so much.Next on our agenda is to buy land, which will be our final move to our own land.

Oh, I have great internet and phone service again. Which will make live so much easier. To keep in touch with family and friends in Texas. School work for Rosalee and writing for me. I feel as if I am in heaven. No wonder they call West Virginia, West By God Virginia.

I will share with you in my Vlog some of the beauty here in this state. Now, I hope to have my Vlogs up and going by December 14th so come check it out. Sorry, it has taken so long, yes there is no real excuse, however it is really hard to do when you have shotty internet.

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