Hello, I am Karen Carnahan.

Welcome, I am a Creative Writer. Life is like a waterfall, always changing. Here you will find my services to help ease the rapids in your daily life.

Recent Blog Posts

Morning Routine-Why It Is Great to Have One?

When starting your day with a morning routine. It is one of the best things you can do to start your day off right. By allowing yourself to get into the habit of doing things repetitively. Which makes your day easier. Therefore, most parents have a normal schedule for their kids. As adults, we get…

1,500 Printable Page All-In-One Planner for 2023

The best way to begin the new year is with a well-organized calendar. I recommend this 1,500 printable pages all-in-one planner is a great one. I know some people like to have several planners. However, I like a planner where I can track everything in one place because it makes life easier for me. I…

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