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The Elite Series

Destiny is a tricky thing!

El was an average fifteen-year-old kid. Who set out for a quiet walk in her small-town park to relax before having to conquer an English report. However, El never expected to see sparks fly out from her fingertips…

Totally blindsided, El learned the truth of her identity, realizing her whole life had been a lie, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for the upcoming changes.

El’s newfound powers frightened as well as excited her. Finding help from an unlikely ally, a dragon, El must decide if she should embrace her destiny or walk away from a world in peril. A spark begins to ignite within her. Will the fire that brews inside sway El in her decision to embrace her destiny?

Dragon Call Invoked. A quest at hand to save the land.

The battle against the Giants proved to El they had a long way to go to get prepared for what she feared was to come after they learned of the Wizard Magnus Shadowmend and his magical army. Still, being young hindered both her and Zamian, for neither had reached the full magnitude of their powers.

They needed help—approval required from the Queen to create a magic army called Dragon Squad. Together, they could train to strengthen their magic. Would it be enough to stop the Evil Wizard Magnus Shadowmend?

Turmoil strikes. Will the Dragon Squad stand together now that their leader has disappeared? Will they do whatever is necessary to find her? As death knocks at their doorstep.

As the enemy lurks within the shadow of their ranks. Can the Pangusy Kingdom leaders band together to save their lands, or will they allow fear to rule their decision they would regret?