Where did we move to?

Note: There may be affiliate links within this post, which means if you purchase something, I could get a small percentage of commission from the item These are sad times we live in. My husband, Cliff, worked for an industrial company in Illinois that made car headlights. They use a point system much like other … Continue reading Where did we move to?

Where, Did We Move?

Are you wondering what happened, the fact that I haven't written in the last few weeks? Well, if so, thank you for being a regular follower. It warms my heart to know I have a few out there. It has been crazy at my house. My husband, Cliff, got a new job. Yay! However, the … Continue reading Where, Did We Move?

Why Should You Use A-List, You Ask?

Good question! Using a list will allow you to make your packing experience so much more pleasant. When you're trying to remember everything you have to do while preparing for your travels. Especially when you are packing for the entire family. I know once you get out and about after being locked up from the … Continue reading Why Should You Use A-List, You Ask?

The Thrill of Kemah Boardwalk

Houstonians sought a getaway from the busy city. They came to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is only 30 minutes southeast of Houston. It is a prime spot to look forward to boating, fishing, dining as well as shopping from boats to souvenirs. In 1997 Kemah boardwalk was formed now; it’s 60-acres large. There is something … Continue reading The Thrill of Kemah Boardwalk

How A-Town Got Named After A Dead Man Not From Texas

How It All Began Before the 1820s, the region of Hitchcock was held by Karankawa Indians (also known as Carancahuas, Carancahuases, Carancouas, Caranhouas, Caronkawa) were Native Americans that concentrated in southern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico coast. They were several independent seasonal travel groups who shared the same language plus much of the same … Continue reading How A-Town Got Named After A Dead Man Not From Texas