About Me

Welcome, I have always loved to write. My wild imagination starts as far back as grade school. It only grew as I got older. Now, I am making my dream come true by putting these stories down on paper for others to enjoy.

We moved to the small town of Brunswick, Maryland. Many weird things took place in our house. You might not believe in ghosts, but I sure do. I learned a lot about fantastic stuff from my grandmother, who was an author. Though I didn’t find out until after she passed away.

As a teenager, it was Dungeon and Dragons’ age, the highlight of one’s day. You came up with a character along with its characteristics, plus you had to create the world to go with it. Yes, a lot of work to play a game. However, it was fun took hours.

When I wasn’t playing, I spent my time in the library. Back in those days, you had to go look everything up in the encyclopedia. Definitely not like today. I thank the stars for Google Search. So much easier. Anyway, I found a book series that changed my life. You got it, Legend of Drizzt. It opened me up to the love of books.

Awe the dawn of a new age, video games. Yes, now this was so much easier. My first favorite game was Dark Alliance Boulders Gate, then it was Skyrim, which I still play today to get my mojo of creativity going.

It was while she served in the Navy to become an author. However, her writing got put on hold due to becoming a mother, dedicating her time to her children.

While she worked at Kenneth Preschan Law Firm, she found a poetry group in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A twist of events came along which gave her a chance to get her poetry published in Fayetteville Observer Newspaper, Labour’s of Love (Noble Home Publisher), Eternal Portraits (International Library of Poetry), The Best Poems and Poets 2004 (International Library of Poetry), and Whispers (American Poet Society). She’s also won Editor’s Choice Awards for 2004 and 2005.

Currently, living in a small town of Oyster Creek outside of Houston, Texas, with her husband, granddaughter, and Rottweiler named Rosco. Three miles from the beach. You know what we do on our days off.

Studied Writing Fiction at the Open University, a public research university, and the biggest university in the UK for undergraduate education. During this time I wrote Dragon Fusion 2018. The beginning of El’s story, where she finds out her life as been a lie. Now, she is to move to another world, in which she has to learn everything at once. Discovers a prophecy which the family wizard wants her to mate with her teacher a dragon. El determined not to be mated with anyone other than the one her heart belongs too, which she has yet to discover.

During NaNoWriMo 2019 I wrote Dragon Squad which is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2021. El realizes they need help, recruits a magical army to help fight the evil wizard that is spreading darkness throughout the land.

NaNoWriMo 2020 I wrote Dragon Quest. El ends up back in her old world, her mom she spent the first fifteen years with has been kidnapped by the evil wizard. She meets the Dragon Mage learns the true of the prophecy to save her world.

I have to say the whole writing, publishing experience has been an amazing journey one I will always cherish. As sales began to pick up, I felt so incredibly proud of myself and so very grateful to everyone who was reading and supporting me as an author. The series continued to grow, and I have never once regretted my decision to become an Indie author! For more information on my journey, books, and just to get to know me better in general, I hope you’ll take some time to explore my website, read my blog and even send me a message.

Thank you have a bless day!