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Welcome, Karen has always had a wild imagination, along with the love of writing from early on in her life. She would sit around making up stories for the fun of it. One day my husband, Cliff, suggested that she finish her story and publish it in a book.

This is how Karen’s journey began. She had written poems that were published, but never a book. Full of excitement, she agreed to the challenge.

It has been a learning experience Karen will never forget. One, she believes will allow her career to be a success. She has taken Writing Fiction Course at the Open University, and Publish & Thrive by Sarra Cannon. There have been several books she has read to better her craft, do not worry she is not going to bore you with that list.

Karen lives with her husband and her granddaughter, Rosalee in the Allegeny Mountians of the Applactions.

Thank you all for making this dream come true.

Currently writing a YA Epic Fantasy – Mageia Series

“You are unique. No one can write your story.”

-Karen Carnahan


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