About Me

Welcome, Karen has always had a wild imagination and a love of writing from early in her life. She would sit around making up stories for the fun of it. One day my husband, Cliff, suggested that she finish her story and publish it in a book, so she is now writing YA Fantasy books.

This is how Karen’s journey began. She started writing blog posts to promote her work. Then it lead to wanting to share things with her audience so that she could help in any way possible.

Karen had written poems published in Fayetteville Observer Newspaper, Labour’s of Love (Noble Home Publisher), Eternal Portraits (International Library of Poetry), The Best Poems and Poets 2004 (International Library of Poetry), and Whispers (American Poet Society). She even won Editor’s Choice awards for 2004 and 2005.

It was a learning experience Karen will never forget. One, she believes, will allow her career to be a success. She has taken a Writing Fiction Course at the Open University, and Publish & Thrive by Sarra Cannon. There have been several books she has read to better her craft. Do not worry, she will not bore you with that list.

Karen lives with her husband, Cliff, granddaughter, Rosalee, and Spunky, our Chihuahua/Jack Russell furry friend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is part of the four provinces of the Appalachians Mountains system in West Virginia.

The cooler months of fall and winter give Karen plenty of time to work on her hobbies of cooking, baking, crocheting, sewing, reading, and writing.

Please, if you have time, explore my website.

“You are unique. No one can write your story.”

-Karen Carnahan-


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