Holiday Shopping

Note: There may be affiliate links within this post, which means if you purchase something, I could get a small percentage of commission from the item.

The Holiday Season is here. The cold is settling in fuel costs are at an all-time high. The experts say it is only going to get worse. We will have to rely on other things to stay warm this winter. Thousands of people are out of work, our nation is in a sad situation this Holiday Season.

Please let us not lose sight of helping one another, not just in the trying times, but all the time. The Holiday Season is about giving, sharing, and being with family. For many, this year, it will not happen. I hope all is safe from Covid and the different variants.

Just imagine the smell of all those delicious sweet cookies, pies, and cakes that will get baked. Not to mention the wonderful food from the many dinner parties. The amazing aroma from the hot drinks to warm your insides from the cold.

Being a writer, I feel it is essential to promote reading. No one in this world should not be able to read. One of the best ways to help those overcome illiteracy, writing, and understanding of communications is by reading to people so they can learn to read themselves to enjoy the many adventures that wait.

So, today I am going to share with you the designs I came up with. I tried to keep the theme to books or story-time. Hopefully, you will find some of these beautiful gifts a home with your family and friends, that they can wear during this cold winter. Ok, yeah, it may not be a Christmas-theme sweater, but they are unique designs.

Please, take a moment to check out the items below to see if anything tempts you. If you are looking for a specific type of material, please check out the product details. There are the categories that you can find:

Tickle With A Feather

Tickle Your Fantasy

Ghost Writer Spunky

Knowledge Is Power

Dragon Fusion

Ok, I couldn’t help myself, it wouldn’t be the Holiday Season without a Holiday Theme. So, here you go:

I had to give you a peek.

Snow & Tell

Free Gift

A great gift to go with the apparel from above or alone would be a signed author copy of Dragon Fusion.

To receive a gift with every order placed of Dragon Fusion in December.

Please have a safe and wonderful holiday season this year. Should you like to check out the other items, please visit Karen Carnahan.

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Reminder: I am an author; please stop by my Home Page to check out my books. Another way you can support this author, please stop by my Merchandise page to check the many unique items that would make exceptional gifts; the holiday season is around the corner.

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