Why Should You Do A Good Deed?

What was my good deed, you ask?

Well, there was a lady from our church that needed a ride home after having surgery.

Usually, someone else would take her. However, this time her surgery fell on the same day that our Ward serviced at the Peanut Butter Factory.

Yep, I got called into action by our fearless leader. She just got out of the hospital and was recovering at home.

So, I stepped up, took on this early morning task. Yep, up at four in the morning to make my husband lunch as well as cook pancakes for the kids for breakfast.

I had asked how long we would be out since it wasn’t much longer, instead of having to wake the kids. I asked him to go in a little late, which is why I got even earlier to make things easy for him.

It was an exciting ride to her appointment. I learned a lot about her. She works for corporate casinos in Las Vegas. She works in the Marketing Division was allowed to work outside of corporate headquarter before the pandemic started. Wanting to be rid of snow, she moved into our area.

Without telling you her whole life story, if you volunteer to help someone, you could meet interesting people and possibly make a new friend.

In other words, what I am trying to say is don’t shy or cringe when the phone rings from the one person you know, maybe calling for your help.

You never know what opportunities could be waiting for you by doing a good deed.

Have a blessed day.

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Why Is Journaling Important?

There are many reasons to do a journal.

It could be to express yourself whether you are angry or upset. Maybe you are happy and want to make a record of the experience. To read at a later time to remember how you felt.

As a writer, it essential to have a journal. To write down interactions amongst people. It gives you a sense of what someone is doing.

Are they mysterious, or do they act confident? What do the people look like? Is there something that stands out to you? Their color of hair, their eyes, or maybe their body build. Could they be doing something that is of interest to you? The way they hold their glasses. Lift their pinky finger while they drink hot tea.

A writer can use all these things when they build their characters.

Maybe one person had an attitude you liked. But, another had the haircut that would fit your character. Or you heard a catchy name.

Not only can it be about people but places as well. Is there a mural you liked you want to add to your scene in your story?

It is much easier to write down all these good ideas than remember them in your head. I don’t know about you, but I have so much going on in my brain. I have learned it is best to write it down.

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. You never know when inspiration is going to hit you. If you have your journal, then you can capture it into words on paper to transform into a marvelous story for all to hear.

It can even be helpful to write a blog post.

How do you ask?

You might hear a discussion that is worth writing about or needs researching. Then, you realize it wise to share with the world.

Maybe you try a new restaurant or coffee shop you think could be an idea to share. You will need to note down what you liked best about the place. Maybe even the person named that served you.

You could be on the pier to see something unique happen while someone is fishing or boating. It best to write it down while it is fresh in your mind.

A journal doesn’t just have to be about writing. It can be a journal of pictures as well. They can give you a lot of detail to look at to base your story.

You may want a way to keep up with everything you need to do during the day. A journal can be a great way to do this.

As you speak with a client, it can be a great source to document what their feels are, their dreams, and what they hope to accomplish. To make notes, you can read back at the office about each client you visited to know where you stand or what it is you need to check out. Did they have a specific problem?

You can see there are a lot of important reasons to have a journal. I personally love to write down the events that happen in my life, good or bad. So, I can go back to read all the things I have gone through in my life. The ups, the downs, and what I am grateful to have.

You can use a notebook, or you can even journal on your phone or computer. It all works.

Have you ever found a family member’s journal? Then sat down and read it to learn so much about their life you would never have known if you hadn’t read the book.

If you don’t journal, I encourage you to try. You might like it.

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A Dream Chopper

Yes, my husband William has a chance to win a custom made motorcycle by Orange County Choppers. It is a once in a lifetime deal. Should he win, he will be flown out to Orange County Choppers to meet with Paul Sr.

Plus, if William is lucky enough to win. He will be featured on the cover of Cycle Source Magazine.

William has never had the opportunity to have a new motorcycle. Not to mention a bike of his dreams. Through the years, he had bikes passed down to him.

Our budget is tight. There is no room to buy a large purchase, like a motorcycle of William dreams. This is one way to make it happen. We just need your help.

Where would he ride?

Glad you asked. A long ride from Southeast Texas to South Dakota Bike Rally. Yes, it would be an adventure, one that would be well worth it. Plus, he would ride everywhere around town.

All we need you to do is vote for William today—the voting beings at 2 p.m. EST. October 26, 2020.

Please go to the link below. Sign up and vote to make Williams dream come true.


Thank you in advance for your vote.

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Autumn Is Here!

Now that the temperature is no longer above a hundred, I make it a daily task to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air.

As the breeze blows off the Gulf, it keeps the temperature not too hot. I love this time of year. The leave change color to decorate the landscape. However, it happens a bit late here in Texas.

One day the sun headed west, for it was early evening. When I noticed all the blackbirds that are always about disappeared, or so I thought.

It wasn’t long before I realized they had all hidden under the surrounding trailers. I wondered why they had done such a thing.

Can you guess?

Yes, indeed, it was a bird of prey. The hawks had come into the area. Though the hawks flew high in the sky. The blackbirds didn’t take a chance.

As soon as the hawks left, the blackbirds were back in the trees and on the powerlines.

The only birds not effected by the hawks were the seagulls. I am not sure if it is their size or the fact they can be aggressive.

I have to say it was entertaining to watch as the birds flew fast to get into hiding before the hawks spotted them.

Since I have been out more, I have noticed this is pretty much a daily routine that the hawks come into the area as they search for food. I believe they have several nests in the trees across the street from us.

So far, I have counted eleven hawks. Sometimes they fly in a group. During other times they fly singly or in pairs.

It’s an honor to view the hawks. They are amazing birds. I’m glad not to be on their menu.

A challenge for you. Take some time to sit outside. Notice what is going on in your neck of the woods.

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The Virus That Won’t Quit

Yes, I am talking about the Covid-19 Virus. It looks like it is ramping up its ugly head in our area.

Several schools have temporarily closed to be disinfected due to confirmed cases of someone with Covid-19 in the school.

Students will now be taught virtually from home. While the schools remain closed.

The affected people will remain in quartine for 14 days. Once cleared the will be allowed to return to school.

The schools will reopen after they have been cleaned.

With this news, it is a constant reminder that this virus is still out there.

If we continue to be mindful of wash our hands. Wear our mask. And disinfect often. Will the number of flu cases drop this year?

Well, even I don’t know the answer to that question. We will have to wait and see.

I pray that those who have been confirmed will make a full recovery. While the others will remain safe.

Try to live your life as normal as possible in these unique times.

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How To Handle a Bad Review.

As a writer, it is inevitable at some point in your writing career. You will receive a bad review.

What you do with the knowledge of that review can be detrimental to your writing career.

You can choose to ignore the review. Or you can take it with a grain of salt to learn from what the person disagreed. Are they right in their assumption?

I got a bad review. It hit me hard, for it was the same weekend we buried my Mother-in-Law. I didn’t do anything for a whole month. Then I reread the review. I realized it wasn’t as bad as I took it.

Yes, I checked out what she told me that was the biggest problem. I looked into my book, and sure enough, she was correct. Right away, I got to work to correct the problem.

Now, I have grown as a writer. The next book I edit will be with the knowledge I have learned from that bad review. A personal thank you to Amy for being truthful with your review.

It is essential to look at such reviews. Not all reviews will be justified because of it being their personal opinion. Those you still might even want to read to see what the reader is looking for to read. You might be able to incorporate a little into your storyline, which could give you another fan. Then again, it might be a lost cause.

Until you have several books under your belt, it could be in your favor to read your reviews. It might make all the difference in your career. However, it is not the easiest thing to do. So you will have to get yourself in the right mindset, so you don’t get too down that you throw in the towel—something you don’t want to do.

May you succeed in all you write.

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What Are Your Plans For Holloween?

As Holloween approaches, the number of cases of Covid on the rise. Will you brave the crowd of Trick-or-Treat this year?

Here in Texas, I have heard Trick or Treat will occur in one of the larger neighborhoods. There is usually an abundance of Trick-or-Treaters due to the number of houses within the subdivision. It makes it easy for parents to take their children around door to door. It is a reasonably secure environment for safety.

Also, many churches will have Holloween functions for the kids to attend this year. As for how large of a crowd will attend. I am not sure. Most of the time, they too have a large number of people.

Then again, you could always host a Holloween party at your home. It will allow you to regulate the number of people who come in contact with your family. However, the downside is the time of planning and the cost of hosting such an event.

As much as I would love for things to be normal during this time of year, all the festivities there is to enjoy. I fear we may have to curve the way we celebrate the holidays until this Pandemic is alleviated.

Whatever you chose, please be safe. Observe your kids, especially when you are in large crowds. There have been numerous of Human Trafficking going on.

Stay safe, Happy Holloween.

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A Good Meal On A Cool Night.

When the weather turns cooler, it is always nice to have something to warm one’s insides.

These hearty meal has been made for generations. Plus, it will be made for many more. It is one of my favorite meals, not only to cook but to eat as well.

Have you figured it out yet?

Yes, it is the Beef Stew. I love the vegetables along with the chunks of meat that cook together, making a wonderful flavor.


  1. 3 Pounds Stew Meat
  2. 1 Onion chopped
  3. 4 Carrots Chopped
  4. 4 Potatoes Chopped
  5. 3 Tablespoon Flour
  6. 4 Tablespoons Oil
  7. Dash Cajun Seasoning
  8. Dash Oregano
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Dash Pepper
  11. Garlic
  12. Meat Tenderizer


1. The first thing you want to do is add two tablespoons of oil to the pan and brown the meat. Once all sides of the beef are brown, I take out of the pan, place in a bowl set aside.

2. Then add the other two tablespoons of oil. Mix in the three tablespoons of flour one at a time. Add your spices to make your rue. Add cold water until your desired thickness.

3. Add in chopped onion, meat, chopped carrots, and beef.

4. Simmer on low until vegetables become tender, roughly about an hour.

I serve with hot biscuits or crackers.  But, you can serve it with whatever you like. Or you can eat by itself.

I hope you enjoy eating these recipes like this one this fall.

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The Thrill of Kemah Boardwalk

Houstonians sought a getaway from the busy city. They came to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is only 30 minutes southeast of Houston. It is a prime spot to look forward to boating, fishing, dining as well as shopping from boats to souvenirs. In 1997 Kemah boardwalk was formed now; it’s 60-acres large.

There is something for every one of all ages from the young kids to the grandparents to do, which makes it great for a family getaway.
If you’re looking for a romantic spot. With all listed below, no one should be without something to do.

Today Kemah Boardwalk is considered one of the premier boardwalks in the United States. The boardwalk has visitors from all over the world.
The fact this boardwalk is open year-round makes it easy for anyone to plan this as a vacation spot.

Theme Restaurants

Kemah Boardwalk has some of the best restaurants around, plus with the themes, it makes for a fun visit.

  • Aquarium Restaurant – Serves Lunch & Dinner with an Undersea inspired atmosphere with several massive tanks to go from the floor to ceiling round centerpiece aquariums. Also, the Stingray Reef where you can pet a Stingray. Plus Tropical Rainforest.
  • Lighthouse Buffet – Serves Lunch & Dinner has a buffet of 75 feet long, no formal here casual attire welcome.
  • Red Sushi – Serves Dinner has Japanese Cuisine, Sushi & Hibachi Grill. The chef does presentations at the tables.
  • Flying Dutchman – Serves Lunch & Dinner this is a Kemah icon it has a large waterfront patio to enjoy dining while watching the Clear Lake Channel.
  • Cadillac Bar – Serves Lunch & Dinner plus has a weekend Breakfast, not to mention they serve authentic Mexican Food.
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. – Serves Lunch & Dinner inspired by the actual movie “Forest Gump” only restaurant concept based on a major motion movie. It is also a Market.
  • Landry’s Seafood House – Serves Lunch & Dinner very first restaurant to open Kemah Boardwalk. They to have a waterfront patio for dining upon.
  • Bayside Grille – Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Saltgrass Steak House – Serves Lunch & Dinner inspired by Texas Saltgrass Cattle Drives.
  • Pizza Oven – Serves Lunch & Dinner with stone-hearth baked pizzas.

These rides are an experience one won’t forget anytime soon. Some will even put your stomach into your throat, so you better hold on tight.

Amusement Rides

  • Iron Eagle – two-seater zip line ride.
  • Wonder Wheel – Mini Ferris wheel.
  • Double Decker Carousel – 28 ft. with sea creatures plus animals.
  • Century Wheel – Ferris Wheel 65 ft. tall.
  • Boardwalk Express – CP Huntington Train (Miniature train)
  • Hypno Spin – tilt-a-whirl ride.
  • Boardwalk Tower – Observation tower rotates so the riders can see far and wide.
  • Jungle Bounce – Frog hoppers.
  • Aviator – Swing ride.
  • Boardwalk Bullet – high-speed wooden roller coaster 96 ft. tall 3,236 ft. long is built on one acre. It is one of the most compact roller coasters in the world. Speed of more than 51 mph.
  • Pharaoh’s Fury – pendulum boat ride swings back then forth.
  • Flare – 73 ft. tall, loop coaster ride.
  • Rockin Rocket – Rocking Rocket.
  • Boardwalk Beast – speedboat ride.
  • Drop Zone – Freefall tower ride (140 ft. tall).

Want other things to do these are great ideas:

  • Face painting
  • Pirate Ship (You’re at the Helm)
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Playground
  • Midway Game
  • Saltgrass Games
  • Main Stage
  • Palapa Stage
  • Beverage Kiosk
  • Arcade
  • Kemah Boardwalk Marina (400 slip Marina)
  • Boardwalk Fantasea – 133 passenger yacht is available for private events, but also does public dinner cruises are scheduled throughout the year.

Can’t leave without everyone having a souvenir or two. Not to mention all the beautiful apparel, bags, and accessories would look great on you for your next time you eat dinner out at one of the above restaurants. So you must not forget to check out the shops:

  • Saltgrass Junctions Store
  • Daiquiri Shack
  • Boardwalk Fun Shirts
  • Toy Crossing
  • Blayne’s Boardwalk Fashion
  • Surfs Up Shop
  • Thomas Kinkade Gallery
  • Treasures by the Bay
  • Violets are Blue
  • Kandy at Kemah
  • Sweet Scoop Ice Cream
  • The Pizza Oven
  • Funnel Cakes & More
  • Snack Express
  • Dippin Dots – Ice Cream Shop.
  • Sweet Scoops – Ice Cream (open 11 am).

Cooling Zone – Too hot, this is an excellent area for you to stop under. The cool mist comes down from above covers you allowing your body to cool off.

Artists – These artists have an exquisite vision they use when they draw your face into an artwork. You will be amazed you’ll want everyone to see hanging on the wall of your home. Also, a great reminder of the fun you had in the sun while at Kemah Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Inn – You must stay at our hotel, Boardwalk Inn, which is located right on the boardwalk itself. With 48 deluxe guest rooms and four master suites, offer a feel of a seaside retreat enhanced with nautical artwork, plus oversized bathrooms and all having private balconies overlooking the Boardwalk waterfront and Galveston Bay. It as so has a parking garage, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle.

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Quick update on NaNoWriMo

Just wanted to give you a shout out to you all about how things are going with this NaNoWriMo challenge. I have to say I did some planning, which I normally do for everything, but my writing. I have to say it was much more difficult than I thought it would be.

Good news is I came up with more ideas for future books, so that is a great thing. I now understand the whole reason to planning out a book. Ok well I am currently now at 19,528 words. I am so stoked that I completed this amount in such a short time. So, if you’re just as curious as I am to see if I can complete this challenge well stick around, I will keep you updated as the month goes on.