Delayed-Book Two Dragon Squad Of The Elite Series

Sorry to say, I am pushing back the release date of Dragon Squad book two. There are two significant factors for this delay: a long list of notes from my Developmental Editor to fix my story. The other is the fact my husband is still currently out of work, leaving me with supporting our family. Now, I am managing three RV parks which are keeping me extremely busy. Yeah, it fitting to post this on Friday the 13th; I figure why not give the bad news on a superstitious day.

After the fiasco with the first book, I do not want a repeat, so book two will get many more reviews than book one before I hit the publish button.

Would you mind not losing hope or faith in me? The parks will slow down after August, giving me more time for editing. However, I am reading self-help books like learning the Art of War and Master of Plots to widen my knowledge and become a better writer. I pray this will make my books more pleasurable of an experience for you, my readers; this is my goal for my readers to enjoy my stories.

On the plus side, I have book three in a first draft, so it just has to go through the editing process. If all goes well as I plan, both books will come out next year. Please be patient and don’t give up on me. It will get better the more I learn, improving my craft. I am planning book two will give me time to knock out book three in time for the fall. Book three will follow in the fall of 2022.

Yes, I am learning the hard way to finish a book before setting it up for presale. I am trying not to let my readers down. However, sometimes life and other things happen that make my goals unreachable. Please, forgive me; I am human, doing my best not to repeat and learning the hard way in the future without delaying a launch.

Becoming a writer is a unique experience; at times, it’s very mind-racking as I learn new things constantly. Getting information out of season authors is not always an easy process. Writing is like an engine. You have to fine-tune it so that it hums with precision.

Yes, you will see results. Intending to give you an amazing book to read; please bear with me.

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Read A Book

A challenge for all of you, any book you are reading, please take a few seconds or minutes depending on how long you want to take and leave a review for the author. It is a wonderful experience for the author to hear that someone is enjoying their story. If you didn’t have a pleasant experience, please be kind in your review to let the author know how you didn’t like it. It’s giving the author an insight into their reader’s likes and dislikes, allowing us to learn.

Now, authors, those who don’t like Indie-Authors for their editing, aren’t up to your standards. Remember, we use people like yourself for editors that claim they know their craft. Not always does this work out the way we want, for I personally have gotten scammed by an editor. Plus, I know of other authors who had a similar experience. It is a learning process for us. We don’t have the company backing with everyone ready and available to help us make the best product possible. Now, that is not to say, we authors are not trying. We just have a learning curve to conquer. Another thing to remember is we are all human as air is to human, human is to error.

Everyone, may your day be a blessing. Reading as many books as possible helps your authors with their goals in being their best stories. Please always tell your friends about the amazing stories you are reading.

Enough of all the madness of my ramblings you are enduring. Thank you for reading. Should you like to receive more posts like this one, please Sign Up below:

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