Price Rise – One Week

Today has been a crazy one. I hope this post finds you well. My granddaughter and I hit the grocery store for a few items.

To my surprise, the prices had gone up within one week. It was a clear indication it was time to buy the items that were still priced low before they to raised.

Don’t get me wrong; there was no way I could afford to buy all of them. So, I choose to stock up on vegetables, baked beans, and refried beans.

A few other items that I noticed were low on the shelves, like flour and sugar. No, I didn’t go hog wild on these items. I only bought two of each. Other people need to eat as well.

Now, I have already planted the seeds the other day for my vegetable garden. However, it will be a while before they are big enough to produce anything to eat. I have them spread out all over the kitchen. According to the seed packages, it will be roughly two weeks before they should sprout. I am excited to see the little green pop out of the dirt. Wow, they grew faster than I expected most have broken through the dirt already. Now, I have a project for my husband to make planters deep enough for them to grow in for it is still to hot outside for them to be planted.

I keep hearing about all these countries that are having so much trouble with food shortages. Like Cuba, China, South Africa, Afghanistan, Haiti, Syria, Venezuela, Ethiopia, North Korea, and Taiwan. While several other countries have food insecurities.

Will it be a matter of time before many more countries are affected?

Time will tell. In the meantime, I will have faith trust in God to protect my family and do my part by preparing as best as possible.

Here are some foods that will be in short supply yeast, flour, meat, canned corn, canned soups, Tostitos multi-grain scoops, non-traditional oreo flavor, and caffeine-free coke.

By all means, I am not trying to scare anyone. I want you to understand what is going on in the world, so you can decide what is best to help your family prepare.

With the temperatures soaring and drought throughout many places, it will affect the demand for food, causing prices to rise. It was sad to watch some farmers tell their stories about how many crops they have lost due to the massive drought.

There is no doubt hard times are here. We have to be positive as we go through each day. Smile, try to help our your neighbors when we can. Maybe you can work as a community to bring in more food to share with one another. Or someone might have the skills that you don’t have to help your family prepare for these times to come.

The talk of another round of lockdowns possible. If this happens it will be harder this time around to bounce back financially for we are all still struggling from the first lockdown. Lets face it is better to be prepared for what might happen then to not be prepared and have it happen being stuck with nothing.

All I can think about when I hear this type of news is when the Great Depression. The long lines people had to stand in to be able to get food. Could we end up in that situation again or will it be worse? People have already shown what it would be like during the lockdown with people fighting over what little items where left on the shelves at the store. Can you imagine a total breakdown of food supply to your local stores how people will react. I am sure even the nicest people won’t be so nice if this happens. It would indeed be scary times for I believe there will be a lot of luting. People do desperate things during desperate times. People today are not used to hard times like the people who lived during the Great Depression. We as a nation have gotten so used to the pleasures of technology. Relying on electrical appliances to brunt a lot of the hard labor for us like the dishwashers, washers machines and dryers. Kids are even more into it for the television shows, and video games. It will be a hard adjustment for many people if this happens.

We can all pray this doesn’t come to pass. However, no one can deny we are in troubled waters not just as a nation but world wide. There used to be an abundance of food, not so much anymore which in it self is a scary thought. Please be safe educate yourself as best as you can teach your kids so they know how to survive in troubled times. Stay positive, smile, and love your family dearly.

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