Where, Did We Move?

Are you wondering what happened, the fact that I haven’t written in the last few weeks?

Well, if so, thank you for being a regular follower. It warms my heart to know I have a few out there.

It has been crazy at my house. My husband, Cliff, got a new job. Yay! However, the downfall is it’s out of state. So, we scrambled to pack him up, for they gave him notice on Friday evening to be at work Monday.

Where do you ask?

The Staffing Agency, which is out of Houston, the job assignment he got assigned to work at is in the rolling hills is Tennennesse.

What is he doing?

Are you ready? He is working in line production to make sandwiches. Yep, the pita sandwiches that you buy at the store could have possibly made. Yes, he loves his job.

When he arrived at the hotel, he found out the company paid for his room. Well, that is what we thought, for they, in turn, took it out of his check. Lucky enough, he got a roommate, so they split the bill between them.

Cliff wasn’t impressed with the hotel. As a matter of fact, he downright hated it. However, the staff was friendly. The guest where rude, loud, and downright obnoxious.

Got out of the room with his roommate, Max they went and explored the area. Cliff loved it, calls me up to tell me he is not coming back to Texas.

Of course, I replied, yes, you are. You aren’t leaving be here.

Since that call, we started to plan for him to come back to Texas to get me in December because we would know if the job would be a permanent one by then.

The rental of our other trailer was slow going. So, we decided to sell it. It gave us the money we needed to get the truck airbags put on the truck to pull the trailer. After calling around, we found the cheapest ones, ordered them. It was supposed to take a couple of days. The very next day, they called me to tell me they had arrived.

Cliff called his best friend, who was a mechanic, to help with the airbags. Reading everything, it seemed simple enough. Wrong, that poor man had to drill holes for none existed. Plus, on top of that, however, put in the gooseneck hookup welded it. He had to dig through the welds as well. I was back to calling stores to find a drill bit that would slowly cut through the welded steel. Two days later, that project was done.

When his friend informed me I needed new tires for the back of the truck. Grrr!  Listening to my husband and his best friend, I hit four-tire shops with no luck. Done I looked up tire shops, called asked around. Boom, I found a tire shop that had what I needed ten ply tires.

I got there to talk to the manager, then watched as they inspected the tires, then the process of them as they took off the old to put on the new. Glad I did, for I noticed a hump in one of the tires. I went out, inspected it myself questioned the hump. They gave me a new tire. Tires, we’re now taken care of on the road.

The next task was to out on the ball for the trailer. Easy right, not! How knew you had to unlock the pin, which was rusted shut. Yep, it had to be cut it off. Go to the store to get a new pin put on the ball. It sat too low. All the boots had to be undone. The ball moved up to notches, removed the extra spacers, bolted it back into place, then put the bars on each side into place. Ok, that’s harder than it looks. I was so glad that was done.

Unfortunately, after all that, the inspection place was closed. It would be another day. I believe God had a plan. My boss shows up my husband hears what he said to me. Needless to say, my husband, said once I left in the morning to get the trailer inspected, not to go back.

Now, I had to go through the outside stuff to figure out what to take and what to leave. Pack the rest in the trailer. So, in the morning, we could head out and not look back.

The next morning hit the inspection station, tags, now on the road headed North. I was glad to be out of that job. I was so tired of it. Not, sure how everything is going to play out, but hey, God has a plan. At least, I hope.

Headed down I-10, traffic was good little backed up at Lake Charles, but nothing serious. Oh, man, Batton Rogue was a whole other ball game. There were eighteen-wheelers everywhere. The side of the highway, off-ramp, and the truck stood were completely full. Talk about a nightmare. I have never been so happy to hit the highway.

Finally, now on Highway-55, traffic is still a nightmare. When the temperature gauge goes up pulled over, it goes down. Turned off the truck to let it cool off now it won’t start.

After an hour, prayed a lot, the truck got on board and started. Yeah, back on the road. My memory so failed me; I could have sworn the state line was closer. Come to find out; it’s good fifty-plus miles down the road.

Mississippi State Line

Sore and tired, it was a welcome sight to see the Welcome Center Rest Area for Mississippi, plus it had security. A great place to get some z’s. After I walked Spunky, out Jack Russel-Chihuahua puppy, who surprisingly did well as long as the truck moved, but, oh man, as soon as it stopped, he wanted out.

Mississippi Welcome Center

I was amazed at how many rooted trees by Hurricane Ida. It showed how far inland the strong winds came. Spunky ran for a bit to get out of his hyperness. We crawled into the truck, left Spunky out of his cage. Man, that dog is the best guard dog. No one could walk by the truck, for he barked up a storm, made sure I knew someone was there.

A new day, felt a bit refreshed, well, as best as possible, we hit the road. Now halfway to our destination point. It was early I expected to see more traffic, glad it was easy going the traffic was at a steady pace, not nearly ad many eighteen-wheelers as the day before. We made good time it seemed like Mississippi went on for forever.

Tennessee State Line

Then there it was the Tennessee state line. Both Rosalee and I jumped for joy we had made it. I thanked God for we were on our last tank of gas because I had used the last of my money to fill the tank.

Before our arrival, Cliff has asked the lady at the hotel’s front desk to make a fresh pot of coffee. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot, my husband waited for us outside. First thing I gave him a high hug, then headed for the lady’s room before I headed over for some much-needed coffee. Two cups later, Cliff drove us to a park he had picked out. He got the pleasure to set up our home as I watched. No, I didn’t leave it all for him to do; I unpacked and set up the inside.

You know I took some time off to relax. One downfall about this park is the WiFi. It is pretty much nonexistent. I am excited to get back into my writing. Yes, I have to find some internet service. As it is I am writing this post on my phone. it is most difficult to do. The computer is so much easier. However, I will make due until I get everything situated.

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