The Book I Read This Week? The Runaway Princess by Christina Dodd

The feature imagine is the courtesy of Avon Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing. I just took the picture of the book.

The Runaway Princess is wonderous for a book to read. I have to say I enjoyed it so much I read the whole book in one day. I didn’t want to put it down. My hubby had to finish dinner because I was so caught up in this book.

You might be wondering why I am telling you about a romance novel?

Well, that is because every once in awhile, it is good to read outside of one’s genre. It gives you a different point of view that broadens your imagination. Not to mention, it keeps things on the spicy side of life.

It starts with a mystery as to who this woman is as she walks into a restaurant. Everyone looks to her as if she was of the nobility. She holds the air about her as she walks through the dining area. She enjoys the adventure she is on. Until she’s told, she has an admirer, this news rocks her world, running scared to hid behind a close door. Only to be tricked into opening the door by someone she trusts.

There is a man, seeing the person she trusted had betrayed her. He pushes his way inside her room. Thinking all the while, this man is the danger, when a bomb comes flying into her room. The dangerous man is now protecting her. With everything, she owned in her life gone due to the bomb that exploded in her room. Her life being in danger, she has no other choice but to trust this man.

As they run for their lives, with his two brothers, it becomes apparent that one, if not both are a traitor serving the man that is trying to kill them who is the last brother. All the while, the woman is trying her best to get free. Though she as no idea where to go or how she will support herself.

Finally, she gets free only to fall into the hands of the last brother. Being held hostage by several men, she worries what fate has in store for her. The brother comes to rescue her to be captured themselves. Relying on her wits to keep her alive, burnt, and scorched, she able to save them all from the clutches of danger.

Going their separate ways, she takes another opportunity to escape the man’s grasp. Only to have her own heart do her in missing him so much she goes to the city where she knows he will be.

Getting into the city, she learns more about herself from the folks within. Seeing the brothers knowing one or both or a traitor, she has to dodge then take flight. One fast on her heels stuck in an alley with him not far behind, she beats on the doors hoping someone hears.

Her prays to get answered. She’s able to go into a garden, safe from the brother. To learn more about what seems to be her destiny, or is it a twist of faith, someone put into play. Either way, it works on her; she gives in knowing she is in love with the man. Choosing to stand by him no matter what the cost is. She only prays everything works out, and they don’t meet their death.

I have only highlighted some of the good parts there are many more, don’t miss out reading this book. I have to say it is one of the best books where the female is smart. Smarter than the men giver her credit for, which she proves many times leaving them in awe.

Princess, Book #1 is an Avon Books Historical Romance, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. You won’t want to miss reading at

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