Why Should You Have a Website?

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If you have a business, you need a website. Why? Because you need to have a place to send people to check out what you are all about, whether it be a book you’ve written, a product you are selling, or a service you are providing.

It is easier to drive your clients/customers to one place then to several different places. You want to make it easy for people to see what your company is and what it has to offer.

So, what should you have on your website, you ask?

Ultimately that is up to you. However, I suggest to have some of the following:

  • Your welcome page – It can be to welcome your customers, or you can have the main product you want to sell on this page.
  • Product page – You will want to have all your products on this page so your customers/fans can see everything you are offering.
  • Blog/Vblog page – This is great for you to get content out to your readers, so they know what is available and where to go to get it via your website. It also sends them to your page, allowing them to see older posts you’ve posted.
  • About page – Give your customers/fans a place to go to learn about you as a person. You want to ease their weariness of why they should buy from you.
  • Contact page – Great place for your customers/fans to be able to contact you so you can answer questions. Or they may want to request something from you. It also a suitable way for businesses to be able to ask you to participate in an event.
  • Newsletter page – You want your customers/fans to have easy access to find out about the new products and services you will be providing. Which is super important, it’s the best way to communicate with your audience.
  • Events page – Give your customers/fans a place to see what events you have planned and where. Book tours, vacations, conventions, or retreats for writing so they know you’ll be unavailable. Plus, you could use this page for the schedule of a course you’ve put together to help others by sharing the knowledge you know.

I recommend the site I use, which is WordPress. It’s user-friendly. Having a great selection of platform themes to choose from to set up your site. Plus, you can change your theme at any time. They even have a free library for you to select a photo in-case you don’t have one, or you need to use it as a filler. It’s easy to upload—an excellent price for a website, especially for someone who is just starting their career. A great place to set up a blog/vblog they link directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Linkedin to drive traffic to your webpage. You also get your web address for free the first year, which helps when getting started. If your business requires you to have a store, then you’ll want to upgrade to a business plan.

Another fantastic thing is the fact they have Jetpack, which is a built-in stat tracker. You can even set up Google Analytics, allowing you to see what site your traffic was directed, like social media or a search engine. It also lets you know the geographic destination of your traffic. I love to see what part of the world someone is in that is looking at my site. It can be amazing to see someone from Bruma, China, or even Singapore has visited your webpage.

You can keep track of your stats with the WordPress app on your phone. You can even do posts on your phone app while you are sitting around waiting at the doctor’s office, shopping with family, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Or at the coffee shop having a Latte. You can not worry about downtime, which is the most important thing since time is money. No one wants to waste time. We all love to utilize our time effectively, especially being the boss.

Note: Always mark your calendar to remind you when your website is up for renew. Time can fly by fast before you know it a year has passed. It’s also amazing to look at the yearly stats to see how much your traffic as grown.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. There may be someone who could benefit from this post. Follow so you can keep up with new posts. Have a blessed day.

One thought on “Why Should You Have a Website?

  1. Very informative. Clear and concise reasons for authors having a website. Well done ! Thank you Karen for sharing this valuable information.

    Rex Branscome


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