Thank You, My Followers

I know some of you signed up after the post The Day Has Come Dragon Fusion Presale, where I mentioned if you followed, I would explain how I came up with the idea from my storyline of my book.

Well, here you go:

At the time, I was on my couch in my living room. I looked about the room racking my brain for an idea to pop into my head. Ready to beat my head against, the wall for nothing was coming to mind. I was about to give up when I looked above my head to see a picture behind me from where I was sitting.

As I continued to look at the picture, ideas started to pop into my head. Of course, I quickly jotted them down on the notebook in my hand.

Notes in hand, I hit the computer as I typed away the story formed before my eyes. I decided I wanted to try to do something unique.

How to do this?

Good question, I can only pray I pulled this off. I guess time will tell when I read the reviews of my book. I wanted to do something new age but as a fantasy with a twist.

Back to the story, El was a normal fifteen-year-old girl who had to do a book report. She loved to read, just putting anything on paper didn’t work for her. She wanted to relax a bit before tackling the task of doing the report.

She headed off to the park, where she ran into the school bully. After he had made her mad, she had an experience she would not forget. Blue sparks flew from her fingertips, striking a tree to take out a large chunk.

As you can imagine, not only did the school bully freak out, so did El. She didn’t know what to do? She did like every other kid would do ran home.

This is where her story begins.

The question how did all this come about, the picture contained a young Elf who was holding a baby dragon in her hands. The story followed the line of the dragon being blue until I bought the book cover. I loved the cover so much I felt if we changed the dragon to blue, it would not do the cover justice. In turn, I changed the color of the dragon to black to match the cover.

I joked next time I would pick the cover first so I could write the story around the book cover. It would be easier than trying to find a cover to match the story.

If you want to know more about the book well, you are going to have to read it.

Dragon Fusion is available for presale at the following:

Barnes & Noble
Walmart – Kobo
Apple Books

It will also be available on the following as of Launch date on July 7, 2020:


When any other sites become available, I will inform you all at this time.

If you are a reader, please support Indie Authors.

Should you not have joined the following yet, but would like to do so, please subscribe below:

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