Thank You, My Followers

I know some of you signed up after the post The Day Has Come Dragon Fusion Presale, where I mentioned if you followed, I would explain how I came up with the idea from my storyline of my book. Well, here you go: At the time, I was on my couch in my living room. … Continue reading Thank You, My Followers

Update NaNoWriMo

Just wanted to give you a shout out to you all about how things are going with this NaNoWriMo challenge. Ok well if you didn’t catch the first post on it, here is a brief review on the first one. I have to say I did some planning, which I normally do for everything, but … Continue reading Update NaNoWriMo

A Writing Journey

I want share some of my new experiences with you about writing my book. If I only knew what I was getting into... believe me when I tell you, there is way more to it than just getting the words on paper. That is a challenge within itself, to make the word count for the … Continue reading A Writing Journey