NaNoWriMo – Conclusion

Welcome! I hope everyone is well.

It is the end of the month which today is the last day to complete NaNoWriMo. As a writer, it can be a struggle to write at any time.

I struggled with my writing this NaNoWriMo. I knew how I wanted my book to go and believed I had enough of a layout to make through my book.

In the mid-second week, I revamped my entire layout to add more to my book. Still, I struggled with this book.

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Now back to the task. Each day I wrote, I wanted to add adventure into my writing to give it more hype. To keep you the reader enticed.

No, it’s not totally where I want it to be. But that’s why it’s only a first draft. There will be a lot of edits, adding, and tweaking as the book becomes a final product.

To write 50,000 words in a month. Well, that is a great accomplishment. One, I finished on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 4:58 PM. Yes, I was doing a happy dance.

Month Of December Only

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Thank you all for supporting me as an Indie Author. Now, that NaNoWriMo is over with I will get back to writing more posts.

My Writing Journey

Welcome, it has been a little over a year since I started on the journey of my blog site. I have to say thank you to all that have followed, liked, and commented. You have inspired me to continue to move forward with these posts.

Even some of you have supported me in my career as an Author. I greatly appreciate it. I have to say it has been a struggle. For anyone that thinks writing a good book is easy. I am proof to tell you it is not. It is a lot of hard work, especially when you are an Indie Author.

Why? Good question, wherein traditional publishing helps you with all the steps that need to be taken to get the book published and noticed. Yes, I mean help with some of the marketing side. As an Indie Author, if all falls on the Indie Author to do everything. If one has the money, they can outsource some of the duties. Otherwise, the Indie Author has a full plate to make their career successful.

This year has had a lot of ups and down, besides the Covid-19 virus. It was a sad time when we lost my Mother-in-Law. May she rest in peace. Plus, one of my favorite actors of all time Sean Connery. The bad reviews I got, which I am thankful for it helped me to understand what I did wrong. I have since fixed. Yes, I hope to get all the errors out with the first book, so when I move on to the second, it flows more smoothly.

Yes, this did put Book Two – Dragon Squad behind my schedule. However, I am now back on Dragon Squad, has it planned to Launch on February 28, 2021, my birthday. In support of this, I have put Dragon Fusion on sale. Dragon Squad will be up for pre-sale in a couple of weeks. I will let you know the exact date.

Some other things for you to watch for will be the Reveal of Book Two Book Cover. Also, I will be holding several virtual online book signing of Dragon Fusion Paperback. We will have prizes. All this will take place in November.

One more thing, I almost forgot to mention. When Dragon Squad goes up for Presale, anyone that buys a book before the launch day will go into a pot for a drawing to win a tremendous gift on the day of Launch. Yes, if you buy more than one, you get an entry for each one. I will reveal the prize on Launch Day.

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Doom’s Day – Election Day!

Welcome, today is election day.

Yes, I know the last thing you want to do is stand in those long lines with all the people to fill out the ballet.

You might be wondering, is it even worth it?

Well, the only way to find out is to have your voice heard.

I have to say. I believe this year’s election is going to be an interesting, long, drawn-out one. There is so much of a division within our country. Plus, the fear of outside influences doesn’t help matters. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that it may or may not happen. It is sad, we stand divided right now, but if a tragedy occurred from abroad, we would unite as a Nation. Why can’t we come together as a Nation without a tragic event such as 9/11 to unite us as a country?

The reason I called this blog post-Doom’s Day? Because it’s the way, I feel. Never before have I felt an election could make or break our country like this one.

All I can say is I pray both parties can resolve their conflict quickly so we can get back to taking care of our economy, which will lead to taking care of the people within this country.

It is sad our country is broke. Think about it as you sit down to do your monthly budget for personal or business. Never in your wildest dreams would you allow yourself to become 24 Trillion dollars in debt because you would be bankrupt before that happened. In knowing this, you would cut your budget to get it to meet the budget.

If we don’t bring the manufacturing jobs back home to the United States, we as a country won’t survive. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. The budget needs to be cut drastically.

I know I will piss off a lot of higher-ups. But their salaries need to be the first to be slashed. The American people are living off far less. If we can do it, so can you. Yes, you are apart of our government. However, you put on your pants the same way we do. We make this country as a whole.

We, the people, need to hold our government to the standards the rest of us live by. They get paid an enormous amount while we the people are barely scraping by. The money needs to help pay down the debt caused by the massive printing of money, lowering the value of the dollar.

America used to be self-preserving. We need to become so again. I got in a fight with a younger gentleman on social media because he wanted the minimum wage to go up. I instructed him every time the minimum wage went up, so did everything else across the board (housing, rent, food, utilities, and gas). It didn’t help anyone. The only thing that will help this situation is to lower the cost of living.

I fear for the fate of our country. Please, have a blessed day!

Covid-19 Update

Well, here in Texas, we have seen a spike in the number of cases. As of now, we have 242,007 cases.

This past weekend we went to the local store near our house. When we went inside, it had become the norm for people to wear no masks. However, this time everyone in the store had a on a mask.

The store was even busier than usual. One employee in the store she had to call in help for the line was longer than I have ever seen it before.

As the case rises, I fear we will be in for lockdowns again. It was nice to have somewhat of normal freedom. I hope we can maintain our freedom by wearing masks.

Good friends of ours are now in quarantine because they had some people over to visit who end up quarantined.

Now, my husband is sick. I am praying he doesn’t have the virus, and it’s just a cold.

When you decide to go out of your house, please take precautions to protect yourself and your family. Be safe!

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What is National Novel Writing Month?

Yes, today is the first day of November, marking the beginning of NaNoWriMo, which means we have roughly 30-days to write 50,000 words.

Are you participating in this challenge?

If you are, I hope you have all your notes, research, and other stuff together you have planned out that way, you’ll have no trouble making your challenge become a reality.

By some chance, you have not gotten everything together. Fear not. You still have time. Start with what you have run with it and strive to achieve that goal. You can do it.

As we go through this month, I will be posting periodic updates on how well I am achieving my goal. I encourage all participating to drop a line below in the comments below about you are fairing with this challenge.

This is a time when writers come together. We help each other with inspiring words plus encourage to write more. So as to make our goals.

In completing this challenge, we are that much closer to having one more book almost finished for our awaiting fans that are drooling for the next release.

Good luck to all my fellow authors.

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Fright Night!

Yes, tonight is Fright Night. So you better be careful and look around each corner as you walk down the road because you never know what might be hiding on the other side.

You might be stalked by something mysterious in the shadows behind you. It could be a ghoul, goblin, vampire, witch, werewolf, monster, or ghost.

Make sure you have plenty of light with you so you can see what is sneaking up on you. Is it a child in a costume, or is it an actual creature of the night?

One prominent place you might want to avoid is the cemeteries. Forsyth zombies come alive, and they will be stalking about out for fresh brains. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to become one of the creepy, creepy zombies.

The thing you want to do is hit every house with a light on. So, you can collect all the wonderful candy. But you want to make sure to check your candy. To make sure there are no puncture holes in it, or you will be sick if not dead.

Delicious candy in hand. You might want to eat only a few pieces at a time. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a massive belly ache.

As you venture out of your home this Halloween night, remember to be safe from all the freight that might happen this very night.

Happy Holloween, my ghoulish friends.

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A Time To Relax

Have you ever gone to the waterside to listen to the waves?

Well, that is what Cliff and I did with our family last weekend.

There was a park in Surfside. It was a most enjoyable day with a playground for the kids to play on. Fishing to be done—the beauty of watching as the water came in to splash on the rocks.

Got to see big ships as they came in and out of the channel. The tugboats made sure they maneuvered the channel with no problems.

The seagulls flew about along with the blackbirds and the pelicans. It was interesting to watch the kids feed the birds. They would flock to the food then quickly took a flight to eat their food in the air. Otherwise, it would get stolen from another bird.

After watching the birds eat. It was time to fire up the pit then the hot dog went on until they turned a lovely shade of brown. Added some chips, it was a delicious meal.

Sun started to go down. The air turned cool as the breeze blew off the water. It was time to pack up to head for home—what a wonderful day.

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Why Should You Do A Good Deed?

What was my good deed, you ask?

Well, there was a lady from our church that needed a ride home after having surgery.

Usually, someone else would take her. However, this time her surgery fell on the same day that our Ward serviced at the Peanut Butter Factory.

Yep, I got called into action by our fearless leader. She just got out of the hospital and was recovering at home.

So, I stepped up, took on this early morning task. Yep, up at four in the morning to make my husband lunch as well as cook pancakes for the kids for breakfast.

I had asked how long we would be out since it wasn’t much longer, instead of having to wake the kids. I asked him to go in a little late, which is why I got even earlier to make things easy for him.

It was an exciting ride to her appointment, where I learned a lot about her. She works for corporate casinos in Las Vegas. She works in the Marketing Division got authorization to work remotely from corporate headquarter before the pandemic started. Wanted to get rid of snow, so she moved into our area.

Without telling you her entire life story, you could meet interesting people and possibly make a new friend if you volunteer to help someone.

In other words, what I am trying to say is don’t shy or cringe when the phone rings from the one person you know, maybe calling for your help.

You never know what opportunities could await you by doing a good deed.

Have a blessed day.

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Autumn Is Here!

Now that the temperature is no longer above a hundred, I make it a daily task to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air.

As the breeze blows off the Gulf, it keeps the temperature not too hot. I love this time of year. The leave change color to decorate the landscape. However, it happens a bit late here in Texas.

One day the sun headed west, for it was early evening. When I noticed all the blackbirds that are always about disappeared, or so I thought.

It wasn’t long before I realized they had all hidden under the surrounding trailers. I wondered why they had done such a thing.

Can you guess?

Yes, indeed, it was a bird of prey. The hawks had come into the area. Though the hawks flew high in the sky. The blackbirds didn’t take a chance.

As soon as the hawks left, the blackbirds were back in the trees and on the powerlines.

The only birds not effected by the hawks were the seagulls. I am not sure if it is their size or the fact they can be aggressive.

I have to say it was entertaining to watch as the birds flew fast to get into hiding before the hawks spotted them.

Since I have been out more, I have noticed this is pretty much a daily routine that the hawks come into the area as they search for food. I believe they have several nests in the trees across the street from us.

So far, I have counted eleven hawks. Sometimes they fly in a group. During other times they fly singly or in pairs.

It’s an honor to view the hawks. They are amazing birds. I’m glad not to be on their menu.

A challenge for you. Take some time to sit outside. Notice what is going on in your neck of the woods.

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