30 Days Left to Book Launch

I am excited to announce there are only 30 days left for the book launch of Dragon Fusion, the First Book in The Elite Series.

If you have read my blog posts, then you know I have been researching to prepare for this day for a while. I am getting anxious. I want everything done now, that way I can relax to enjoy the week before and one launch day. Not sure it will happen that way, but a girl can dream.

I have spent almost three years getting this book completed. Now that we are at this point, it is a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. I have to say writing Dragon Fusion Book One of The Elite Series, was a nightmare. It was a learning experience the whole way through. I made some bad choices that cost me dearly, money, and time-wise. However, I’ve read many websites, blog posts, and watches many YouTube videos which paved the way for Dragon Squad Book Two of The Elite Series to co much faster.

Everyone invited to the Launch Party, which is an online event to be held on July 7, 2020, at 7 P.M. central time. Location Facebook under Karen Carnahan Facebook Scribblersquest events. I look forward to seeing you there; you do want to miss out. Join my hubby and I for some fun.

Coming Soon!

What fun will we have?

Great question! Unfortunately, since this will be an online event, you’ll have to bring your own drinks🍸🍺☕ and snacks🌮🥨🧁🍫🍪🍩. However, we are still going to have a great time together. Come join the fun via the internet, yeah, it’s not as personable, but hay this day in age, it’s as good as we can get. 😁

Activities to look forward to:

  • Live (Yes, I will be speaking live. It will be interesting, I know).
  • We will be playing games.
  • With games come prizes. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. Woo Hoo!
  • A reading. I will read to you some of the novel so you may get a taste of enticement. Either live, or I will upload a video.

We will also have a grand prize, (but I am not telling you any of the prizes. You will have to participate in order; to find out what they are.

Are you ready to party with this new author? I will be looking forward to seeing who my fans are on this fantastic adventure. The book is up for preorder; please check it out at Karen Carnahan Anyone who signs up to join my adventure for my newsletter will be put in for a special prize drawing.

Sorry, this post came out so late. I was having technical issues. We are good.👍

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A Writing Journey

I want share some of my new experiences with you about writing my book. If I only knew what I was getting into… believe me when I tell you, there is way more to it than just getting the words on paper. That is a challenge within itself, to make the word count for the Genre that you choose to write. Then you have edit, re-edit, and more editing, this of course is all done by you.

Then you must find a cover to match your story or edit your story to match your cover. Find a few Beta Readers to review your story, oh not to mention find an Editor to review your book. Next you must decide are you going to send your book to a Literary Agent or self-publish. Be careful of some Literary Agents that just work for one company do your research for some are Vanity Publishers. Which they ask for money upfront to do your publishing and they get to set the price, plus a percentage of royalties. After finding out about one that I was looking into how much money they wanted, I decided to Self-publish (Indie Author) for less money.

Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Pexels.com

If you choose to be an Indie Author, you will be doing a lot of writing, demand is high for a quick turn-around. Where traditional publishing normally only allows one book a year. When you’re an Indie Author you will need to check out the many platforms for doing self-publishing. There are some that have several platforms in one that makes it much easier to distribute your book.

Now the next step is marketing. No matter how you publish, you will be marketing your own book. So, keep this in mind when you set off to do this journey. I recommend to setup a blog to attract an audience, while you are writing your book. This way you’ll have an audience to be able to share your work with and help spread the word.

However, knowing you achieved this accomplishment makes it all worth while in the end.