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Things To Budget You May Have Forgotten

What should be in the monthly budget? Good question. There is no easy answer, a budget is more than housing, food, and transportation. There are so many other categories to consider. You might be missing some huge items without even realizing it.Before we get into all the categories. I want to make sure you know … Continue reading Things To Budget You May Have Forgotten

Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole Texas Style

We made a ham this year, who knew we would have so much Gratin Potatoes and ham leftover. Well, I decided we need to figure out a way to eat all this food. My creativeness came out; this is what we got Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole. It is quick and simple; you can … Continue reading Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole Texas Style

The Winterlicious Tag Challenge

Good Morning Everyone! I wasn’t scheduled to write a post today, I have been working on editing the first two books in my The Elite Series. However, I was tagged with The Winterlicious Tag Challenge by Fadima Mooneir. I have to say this is the first time I have ever been tagged to do such … Continue reading The Winterlicious Tag Challenge