What You Should Have In Your Food Storage?

Note: There may be affiliate links within this post, which means if you purchase something, I could get a small percentage of commission from the item. Time being as they are, I am grateful that the church we attended taught me about Food Storage. You will want to keep enough food on hand to last … Continue reading What You Should Have In Your Food Storage?

Price Rise – One Week

Today has been a crazy one. I hope this post finds you well. My granddaughter and I hit the grocery store for a few items. To my surprise, the prices had gone up within one week. It was a clear indication it was time to buy the items that were still priced low before they … Continue reading Price Rise – One Week

A Good Meal On A Cool Night.

When the weather turns cooler, it is always nice to have something to warm one's insides. These hearty meal has been made for generations. Plus, it will be made for many more. It is one of my favorite meals, not only to cook but to eat as well. Have you figured it out yet? Yes, … Continue reading A Good Meal On A Cool Night.

Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole Texas Style

We made a ham this year, who knew we would have so much Gratin Potatoes and ham leftover. Well, I decided we need to figure out a way to eat all this food. My creativeness came out; this is what we got Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole. It is quick and simple; you can … Continue reading Ham and Au Gratin Potatoes Casserole Texas Style

Chicken Dumpling Soup Texan Style

One of my favorite dishes to make when the weather is cooler. It doesn’t take long; it’s filling — something even the kids like to eat without any arguing. Ingredient 2 C. Chicken½ C. Celery½ C. Carrots½ C. Onions1 stick butter¼ Can Evaporate milk1 tbsp Parsley1 tbsp BasilDash SaltDash Pepper1 tbsp Creole Seasoning2 tsp Poultry … Continue reading Chicken Dumpling Soup Texan Style