NaNoWriMo – Conclusion

Welcome! I hope everyone is well.

It is the end of the month which today is the last day to complete NaNoWriMo. As a writer, it can be a struggle to write at any time.

I struggled with my writing this NaNoWriMo. I knew how I wanted my book to go and believed I had enough of a layout to make through my book.

In the mid-second week, I revamped my entire layout to add more to my book. Still, I struggled with this book.

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Now back to the task. Each day I wrote, I wanted to add adventure into my writing to give it more hype. To keep you the reader enticed.

No, it’s not totally where I want it to be. But that’s why it’s only a first draft. There will be a lot of edits, adding, and tweaking as the book becomes a final product.

To write 50,000 words in a month. Well, that is a great accomplishment. One, I finished on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 4:58 PM. Yes, I was doing a happy dance.

Month Of December Only

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Thank you all for supporting me as an Indie Author. Now, that NaNoWriMo is over with I will get back to writing more posts.

The Elite Series Book Two – Cover Reveal

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Now, Book Two – Dragon Squad.

To celebrate the national novel writing month. I chose to share with you Book Two – Dragon Squad cover reveal.

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  • The battle of the Giants proved to El they could not do this alone. If they want to survive, what she feared was coming. They would need help—approval required from the Queen to create a magic army called Dragon Squad.
  • Now, with the Dragon Squad in turmoil, will they band together as they search for clues to El’s disappearance?
  • A turn of events, death now at their doorstep, as the enemy lurks within the shadow of their ranks.
  • Will the leaders band together to save Pangusy, or will fear rule them to a discussion they’d soon regret?

Are you ready to see the cover?

Of course, you are the reason you are here.

Well, here you go?

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