Prepare Now! My Top Five Prepper Bloggers

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The events happening today can be a bit scary, considering we have no clue what will happen from day to day. A prime example of this is the fact that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Now sanctions are being imposed on Russia, which supplies our fuel here in the United States. Fuel prices are already high because President Biden slowed the fuel production in the United States to purchase it from Russia.

Of course, this has a ripple effect, fuel goes up, food prices go up, housing goes up. Income stays the same. Which is one of the significant reasons to prep. Now, I am not saying you have to go out and buy out of the store. You should do it slowly, a little each month. This will allow you to rotate the older products to the front of your pantry so you can put the new ones in the back.

Our ongoing supply chain shortages make it hard to get goods at the grocery store right now. Then you hear on social media it is only going to get worse. When are they saying it will get better in two years or more?

A good scenario we should all adapt is to stock up as if the next day is the beginning of winter. Canning is a significant source for preparing for the future. Please, check out the different ways of canning before you buy your cooker whether it be Pressure Canning or Water Bath, this way you get the right pot to do what you are looking to store in your pantry.

As civil unrest and natural disasters happen more and more, it could be wise to learn from the best. These folks have been doing these things for a while. They have some expert knowledge that could benefit anyone who wants to keep their family safe.

My Top Five Favorite Preppers that I watch to stay in form as best as possible to protect my family.

1. Prepper Nation—John is great at letting you know what supplies are good to use in a critical situation. He will be straight up and honest with you about the products that he buys or receives from companies. If you want an opinion on how things will go, he will war game a situation, then share it with you. Be sure to check him out on the following:

Prepper Nation – YouTube

Official Website of Bestselling Author John M. Davis ( Please check out his books on Amazon. I have attached the links below for your convenience.


Glimmeria: Gunship: Book II

Gunship: The Afterworlds

Gunship: Vampire Hunters

The Fleet (Gunship XII)

2. Canadian Prepper—Nate is very informative about current events. His store sells prepping gear, which is family-owned. He wants to help people get prepared for any emergency. You don’t want to miss the great things Nate has to offer, whether it be supplies or knowledge.

Canadian Prepper – YouTube

 Canadian Preparedness Please use this code SURVIVALPREPPER for a 10% Discount.

3. City Prepper—Kris lives in the city, so he teaches people how to survive should things go south rather quickly because it will be much worse for you all than those who live in a rural area. They will have a little more time to react to things taking place. Don’t get caught in the streets unprepared.

City Prepping – YouTube

City Prepping This is not just a store; check the menu for Kris’s blog, which contains excellent information.

4. Appalachia’s Homestead—If you want to live off-grid, Patara is the one to follow. Her family lives off the land, which she shares with you along with making homemade medicine to canning. Living in the mountains can be challenging, so one needs to be prepared for any circumstances that may arrive.

Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara – YouTube

Appalachia’s Homestead Blogs Patara has terrific recipes. Now, don’t think that is the only thing on this blog’s site. Check out the drop-down menu on the right side for the categories of recipes, gardening, health, homeschool, along with photos, stories, animals canning, and the books she loves.

5. Alaska Pepper – Rudy is entertaining as he empowers you that anyone can start preparing on any budget. He is on an adventure to reach, teach, and repeat until everyone is awake with the knowledge they need to survive.

Alaska Prepper – YouTube

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