8 Values – When You Are Reevaluating For The Next Year

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It’s a new year. Which means new beginnings. Yep, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate our lives and reflect on the previous year’s events. What did I do well, what needs work, and how can I change it to improve myself? So, that this year will be better than the last one. If you have your own business, this is crucial to growth. We all want to get ahead in life. Even if it is just doing personal goals.

Here is a list of things that I think will help in the reevaluation process. It can be overwhelming; shoot, life itself can be overwhelming. That is why it is in our best interest to look at our goals, planners, and other tools to help make our life, job, and goals easier. Even our budgets. How can we save money, pay down debt, or better track what we spend? I put everything on the computer because I take care of the bills. Lesson learned this past year, I got sick. My husband had no clue about when all our bills were due. So this year, I ordered a budget planner, so if need be, he can grab it and see when everything needs to be paid, plus the date it is due. It is little things like this we take for granted in life. Communication is a significant key to success in anything.


No matter what I plan to do this year, I have to be honest with myself to grow as a person. Let’s face it if I lie to myself, I am only sabotaging my reevaluation, which is pointless, not to mention a waste of my time. Honest is the key. Yeah, I always want to downplay my failure or not really look at them. But if I want to achieve my goals, I will have to suck it up and take a deep look into my personal or career goals. Am I happy with what I am doing? If not, is there something I would rather do in life? If so, what can I do to make it a reality?

Life is way too short to do things that I really don’t like or love, especially in the job sector. Since so much time is spent in our daily lives working. It is so much easier to do something you love and not suck the very essence of your soul day in and out from your body. Think about it. If you love to do it, you’ll do it well. Meaning you will go far. We all want to rock our world, to be top of our career or personal life.


No matter what happens in life, as long as I have a positive outlook, leave the negativity behind, life will go in the right direction. Yes, this can be hard to do. I may have to work at it from time to time because I have low moments in life. Who doesn’t, right? However, the more positive you bring into your life, the better your life will be daily.


Now, I am taking the time to reevaluate my life. The number one thing I want to review is my goals. Whether it is a personal or business goal. I need to look at each one. Did I achieve them? Were there any projects that I didn’t complete? If so, why?

Was it because I overbooked my planner? An event took away the time I had scheduled, or is there more to it like I need help to complete the project because of lack of knowledge?

The hardest part of this is to hold myself accountable. Now is the time to make my new year’s goals. Decide if I need more time to complete some projects because of research that needs to be done or the fact I need to find someone to help. One of the main things I need to remember is not over-schedule my planner. This will only lead to me falling behind, then adding more stress to my life, which is already stressful enough. Or from what I have heard on social media. Not use your planner at all. It’s a tool to help you. Don’t leave the pages empty. How will you know if you are on track with your set schedule? You didn’t buy it to sit on the shelf to collect dust. One of the best things I have learned about using my planner is when I reevaluate at the end of the year. I get to see everything good and bad that we went through during the year. It can amaze me some of the things we endured.

Life is short enough. I want to enjoy it as much as possible. So, when setting up the new year, I want to make sure that I get everything put in my schedule to include extra days for unexpected events. I don’t want to set myself up to fail because I booked myself every day without downtime for personal matters. Whether I get sick or my loved ones, burnt-out days when I have worked my brain way too much and just need to shut down to relax for a few. Last year taught me a lot. I have many personal issues to deal with, affecting my whole schedule. Yes, there was a project that I didn’t complete, which I have already made sure was first on my plan for this year.


Another thing I did was to make a list in the front of my planner of all the things I am grateful for. In this day in age, we need to remind ourselves. When I open it daily, I see why I am working so hard. Also, I place all the things I am working toward. Like a new car, better my health, or be debt-free. This helps remind me to strive to reach my goals. With the way our economy is right now, it is wise to remind yourself of the things you have that make your life special.

At the beginning of each month, I add at least one thing to these lists. This makes a refreshing reminder of the new things that I am grateful for. A new friend, co-worker, promotion, or just special time with family.


Mistakes are made in life; it happens. It’s how we learn. The key is to learn to forgive yourself as well as others who have done you wrong. It is best to forgive and let that negativity go. I don’t want to hold on to that baggage. So, I forgive them and move forward with my life. This opens my heart for the positivity to flow and good things to come to me. Plus, it doesn’t bring me down or take away my time worrying about what someone thinks of me or what they might be doing. I have faith that if I live my life the best way I can, I will be taken care of.


If you live positively, then you won’t have any regrets. Because I will learn from my failures. Pick up the pieces, reevaluate so that I can move forward. I will do what I can to teach myself new things and seek help when I can’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need it from time to time. No one knows everything in life, and there is no way that will ever be possible. But, as long as I breathe, I will continue to try, strive to achieve my goals. Even if I need to find help from others to complete this accomplishment. Also, I will help others where ever I can as a way to give back.


Most importantly, don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. I have gotten so wrapped up in a project that my husband had to tell me I had spent no time with him or my granddaughter. This is not a good thing, so make sure you schedule a family time when you set up your planner. Also, make sure you even schedule time for your friends. They are a part of your life. They can help you with ideas, hold you accountable, make you face the things you would rather bury your head in the sand. Don’t close them out of your daily life; they are your personal cheer team.

Make sure you laugh often. Life is way too short not to get the most out of it. Also, it is the best way to have positivity in my life. Make time for yourself, whether to do self-care or just to relax.

Never give up on your dreams and goals. Each year is a new beginning. If need be, do so again in the middle of the year or each quarter. Reevaluate, re-plan, and then conquer. Just don’t quit; failure is not an option. I can do this because I am stronger than any obstacle that might get in my way. If you need to put up inspirational quotes for you to see every day, you don’t give up.

Every one of us is in control of our destiny. It is up to us to make the most out of our lives. No one else will do it for us. Enjoy the new year. Make your plans, don’t fret if you fall behind. Learn from it, so next time you are better prepared. If you have to roll back a project, make sure you look at the reason. Then make sure it is the first one for the following year.

I know I keep saying this, but its true life is way too short. If you made a mistake, do what you can to rectify it if possible. Learn from it so that you don’t have the same issue in the future. It will allow you to better yourself.

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