Life Can Be Like A Waterfall

Welcome, I hope this post finds you all safe. It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. One could say there is no real excuse, liking the saying in show business, the show must go on. Well, so must life. However, I did not feel up to do anything, much less write.

Why, you ask?

We will get to that in a moment. Sometimes things happen in life that affect you, like the flowing of fast water. Quick and hard, barely giving you a chance to come up for air. It leaves you feeling as if you are drowning emotionally where it is from the amount of work you have in front of you. A fight with a spouse or child. Bills that never seem to go away. Possibly the loss of a loved one.

On November 3rd, I was cooking when the phone rang. Answering it, I grabbed the pepper to add the spice to the food on the stove. I heard the nurse at the hospital state that my mom had arrived non-responsive. As my mind was processing this information, I was still steadily adding pepper, for I totally forgot what I was adding. In the midst of my mind, the dots connected; she had just informed me my mother was dead.

Needless to say, there ended up being too much pepper in this meal.

Was I able to salvage the dinner?

I hung up the phone, realized I was adding pepper, quickly grabbed some other spices to offset the overwhelming amount of pepper as best as possible. Yes, I save the meal. Yeah, it had a kick to it from the pepper. But at least it wasn’t too overbearing everyone could eat it.

There were many phone calls, plans to be made, and a trip back to Texas to take care of my mother’s affairs. Over the next couple of days, we took care of the truck, packing and ensuring we covered everything for the fourteen-hour trip one way.

We made it down, splitting the drive within two days. The next day was to take care of getting mom’s effects from the nursing home. Then we stopped by the bank to take care of our financial matters in getting our address changed. Since our bank got bought out, we had to get new cards. No, there is not a bank where we are in Illinois. There isn’t even one in Indiana. So we had to do this while in Texas. Next was the funeral home. As we arrived, we found out the funeral director wasn’t in the office. Paid for mom’s cremation, then found out I could speak to him by phone and called to find out COVID had put certain restrictions on the cremations process. There was now a process, and the corner had ten days to sign the death certificate before they could even get her on the list for the cremation process. Since my husband had to be back at work, we set up to have her remains shipped to us. Then we did a few visits with family members before the two-day trip back.

Yes, we were exhausted by the time we got back. No one did anything but sit around the house, including Spunky, who was so excited to be home and not in his cage anymore. It was recovery time.

My hubby went back to work. I just barely functioned for about a week. The only thing I did was cook, then clean up the mess. Not knowing what day it was, nor did I care. This went on for several days.

Pain affects everyone differently. Some cry, others scream, and then there are the silent ones because they retreated inwards. Death is coming. We all know it because it happens in life. I knew she would die, eventually; I had prepared myself when they told me several years ago she would die and put her on hospice. Nine months later, she rid herself of the infection was no longer on hospice. She lived for many more years. Still, because she was up in age, I knew it would be somewhere down the line.

One night I got to looking around my home. I realized how junky it looked. Determined to declutter the house, I started with one room at a time, leaving my desk for last. Even though the house looked better, my mind wasn’t into doing anything else.

An email came, I opened it up; inside was a warm-heartfelt letter from another writer. She was giving inspiration, even though she was going through a hard time herself. It was like a breath of fresh air that filled my lungs to help clear out the cobwebs from my brain.

The same night, I got on social media for the first time since I posted my goodbye to my mom to let everyone know about her passing. It felt good. Though I didn’t stay on long, nor did I do much after that. In my response to my writer friend, I stated I would have to force myself to get back into the swing of things. Here I am, baring my soul to the world, trying to pick up the pieces as time moves forward. Forcing myself to crank out this post to get back into the flow of writing.

I had to mark the days on my calendar to remember what day it was in order to make a schedule to get things done. It was horrible that my granddaughter, Rosalee, had a better knowledge of what day it was. This was when I figured out that I had not done a blog post in two weeks. I realize many of you think this wasn’t very professional of me, which may be true. I could have planned a post in advance. I had actually had one, but decided the day my mom died to make changes. Unfortunately, it never got done because I had to make the road trip, and by then, it was the last thing on my mind.

Have you ever stopped and wondered?

Did you make enough time with your loved ones? If you feel you haven’t, then I suggest you do. Things happen, and you never know when you won’t have that chance again. Also, have you ever wondered if something happened to you would people stop to take notice? Or would they go on with their lives, not even questioning why there were no more posts, you at a local coffee shop, or not visiting a library or your favorite hangout? Make time to get to know people so you can affect their lives.

It’s every writer’s dream to have people notice you. I mean, that’s why we take the time to write out these posts so we can one express ourselves and two to have people like you enjoy them.

All I can say is enjoy the time as best as possible with the people you have in this world. One day they could be gone before a blink of an eye. Then there is no way to spend time with them. If you see someone down or really quiet when they are the life of the party, stop to bend an ear. Leave with a positive note. You might change their life for the better.

Ok, if it seems like I am rambling, sorry, that is not my intention. I hope you will join me next week. I will have the blog post I started to change before the road trip. Yes, its completion will be available next week.

Thanksgiving to all of you. Please enjoy whatever meal you are eating. Share it with family and friends, and make lots of memories. Toast to those who are no longer here with us; let them know they may have gone but not forgotten.

Also, I know I have been adding YouTube to the bottom. I have some Vlogs that I need to get out the will come out soon. I will let you know precisely when. Thank you for being patient with me as I move out of the depth of the abyss of the darkness of my soul back to the light of everyday life.

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2 thoughts on “Life Can Be Like A Waterfall

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. And your description sadly reminds me of a few similar moments in my life. I am in awe of your ability to write so compellingly at this time.

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