What You Should Have In Your Food Storage?

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Time being as they are, I am grateful that the church we attended taught me about Food Storage. You will want to keep enough food on hand to last at least six months’ worth of food. If you can do more, I would recommend it.

Yes, I know it’s hard to determine how much food you will need for a month. The easiest way is to take what you buy every month and get it six times.

Expensive right, how is that going to happen?

The easiest way to buy extra items put them up. You will need to rotate your food storage to put the new to the back so your supplies don’t spoil. Now, I don’t know if there is one in your neck of the woods, but I hit up Dollar Tree for many of my food items.

Ketchup, Syrup, Worcestershire Sause, Soy Sause, Spaghetti Sauce, Spices, Barbecue Sauce, Water, Tupperware, Mustard. Jams. Olives, Rice, Dry Beans, Noodles, Cheese Nips, Cookies, other snacks, Tooth Paste, and other personal items.

Now, sometimes if Wal-Mart has some of these items for less, at that point, I pick them up there. But, here lately, Wal-Mart has been bare.

I know you are asking yourself, where in the world am I putting all this food, right?

Well, that is another trick the people at the church taught me. How to hide things in plain sight. You can take can goods, stack them, place a tablecloth over them, and boom, a table of food. Behind the couch is another excellent place to put things. If you have extra cabinet space, fill it up. Even in our trailer, I am plenty of room to stock up on items. So, if you have a house, you are way ahead of the game on the space.

What is the purpose of having all this food on hand? Well, if life happens and times get tough, check out – What Is An Emergency Fund? You don’t want to be spending your money on food. You want to keep as much of your money on the necessary things you have to pay.

If anything has shown us this, it has been the Covid Pandemic this past year. Between jobs getting shut down, store shelves being wiped out. It has been an eye-opener for many people. I believe that is why it is so hard to find specific items for everyone is stocking up. Things like cans of Spam are just one item that has been flying off the shelves.

I fear with prices rising; it is only going to get worse. Don’t wait to start the next time you go to the store to pick up some extra items. Ok, now if you read – How Do I Save For An Emergency Fund. You know I said to buy cheap to take that money to put into your fund. The same thing, buy two, and you still save money to put into your Emergency Fund.

A farmer stocks up all summer long to prepare for winter. That is the same concept here. You want to prepare for hard times when you don’t have an income coming in; you have plenty of food to eat. Ok, yes, you might have a job now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I have to say, when I started our food storage, I thought it was going to take forever to get stocked up. It only took me a couple of months. Since our move, I have had to do some restocking because I didn’t want to spend any money until I made sure I got to Tennessee. So, my next shopping list will have several extra items so I can put them back. Don’t worry, I still have plenty of food. I keep oodles of bags of rice and beans on hand.

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