Are You Prepared – Live Like Your Grandparents Depression-Era

Ok, so I have decided to start a home garden. I talked with my husband about us growing some food at home. He is going to make us a greenhouse outside.

Today, I bought several packages of seeds and a starting greenhouse that I found at the dollar store, which is perfect for me to start the seeds. With the ones I bought plus the ones, I had saved from our vegetables. I even took an onion that sprouted, peeled it divided the sprouts, and planted them. We should have new ones soon if all goes well.

Grocery prices are on the rise, among other things. As the lady of the house, it is my job to make sure we spend the money wisely, save where here we can, plus ensure, I have the means to feed my family, along with cleaning supplies, items for hygiene, and medical supplies.

I know I did a piece on How To Be Prepare – The Unforeseen Hurricane Seasons? But think it is wise for all of us to be prepared any way we can. The storm this past winter reminded me of winters back home. As a Girl Scouts, it was drilled into me to be prepared for the unexpected.

In the job I do, I see people struggling with paying their bills and putting food on the table. Then I hear one of the largest banks in the United States is closing accounts, putting its client’s in a financial jam, not to mention jacking up their credit; it is a clear sign that our economy is not doing good.

It has been over a year since my husband has worked at his career as a Heat Treater in the plants; it doesn’t look as if he will go back to work any time soon. He has been doing odd jobs, among other things, so that we can survive.

As the vaccines get distributed, the virus seems to be changing at a high rate. Let’s face it; our world has gotten compromised. It is up to us to make the best of our lives.

Don’t wait for the next depression to say I should have done. Truthfully, I believe we are at the beginning of it already; just no one wants to say it to put panic in everyone. I think this one will be slower than the last one in the beginning, which means people who aren’t paying attention won’t see it coming to make sure they are prepared for what’s to come.

Hey, if I am wrong, you will have a great experience knowing how to take care of your family like your ancestors did in their time. I mean, think about it the things they did daily are a lost art. It used to be passed down, but with all the stores and products to make our daily lives easier, things no longer get passed down.

The good thing is we have the internet to help us learn the things that have been lost. We can re-educate ourselves as best as possible to pass it on to the next generation; times are changing.

 Are you ready?

You can do many things to prepare your family to be ready for the next dramatic event to happen. Don’t be left depending on the stores with empty shelves because those who didn’t prepare took the last of the loot, leaving others without or the restrictions on the supplies you can buy leaving you short on the things you need to make your household function.

Can you imagine going to the store only to find its doors closed? What would you do panic because you have nothing to buy for your family, or go home knowing you have the means to survive because you took the necessary precautions.

If a war broke out on United States soil, do you have what you need to be able to keep low as things unfold around you? Don’t get me wrong, this is the last thing I want; it is just an example of the unknown.

Now, I am not saying you need to worry none stop about what might happen. Though, I think we should get back to basics in some regard, so we aren’t totally blindsided when the unexpected happens.

Do you know how to catch water?

Yes, it can totally suck when you have no water. Let’s face it a lot of us learned that real quick when the pipes froze and broke. We have gotten so used to turning on the faucet to have the water flow. When you turn it on to get nothing, it’s an eye-opener that we have gotten soft in life. Do you have a backup in case the city’s water system goes down or gets contaminated? Another thing with the high heat causing the drought. It can affect you by keeping you without water.

Something else to think about do you know how much water your whole family uses daily to ensure you have enough water to survive long-term. These are just some of the things we have taken for granted.

The other thing we take for granted is electricity. Can you sleep at night without air conditioning? Do you know how to cook meals, bake bread, and wash clothes without electricity?

Believe me, it can be crazy. You wake up to stumble into the kitchen in search of a hot cup of coffee only to find out when you hit the power button, nothing—what a way to start the morning. Now, you have to get ready for work. You figured you’d pick up a cup on the way to work. Now, imagine this becoming a daily routine. Or worse, the stores and your job have no power for days on end, or, like during the pandemic, close their doors.

Another scary thought would be you go to work with everyone, struggling financially only to have your job close its doors. Now you are down an income for who knows how long. I mean, look what Covid-19 did, and we still haven’t recovered. It’s been a year and a half.

At some point, all the funding coming to us is going to have to be paid back. If our personal budget was what our nation is, we would be in court, in jail, or bankrupt for failure to pay. When our nation’s bill comes due, only the good Lord up above knows who will end up owning us. Unless we cut the budget severely, so we can pay down our massive deficit. However, our government doesn’t seem to think this is important, which means we need to prepare and teach our kids how to live on the land as best as possible to survive.

Can you hunt?

Yep, it could be essential to know how to hunt, skin, and gut an animal and use what parts of the animal’s body so you don’t waste the critical things. Do you have the knowledge of how to cure skin to make blankets, rugs, or clothing? Or how to take the fat from the animal’s body to make candles.

Now, do you know how to can, dry, and freeze your meat to make it last?

The same goes for your herbs, fruit, and vegetables.

If needed,  you know how to find plants to use for medical use. I have to admit this is one that I need to work on myself. Being in a different element from where I grew up, things are different, for the climate is totally different.

As I prepare, I will share with you what I have learned. What worked and what didn’t. I would recommend you not wait for me to figure it out. There are plenty of videos you can watch to learn what you need to get ahead.

Be safe, I hope; I have given you plenty to think about. Stay positive, for life is what you make of it. Keep your stress low by making wise decisions for your family.

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