How To Be Prepare – The Unforeseen Hurricane Seasons?

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It’s hard to believe June 1st has already passed, putting us in Hurricane Season, once again the Hurricane Season has had an early start. The National Hurricane Center made its normal seasonal list of  twenty-one named storms like every other year. The experts are predicting at least nineteen named storms this year. As of this last year the Greek Alphabet has been retired.  Yep, you are correct, the National Hurricane Center has made another complete list of twenty-one names for a backup list if we go completely through the first one. What does that tell you? I know what I thought when I found out about that new list. They are preparing for lots of storms. They just don’t want anyone to have a panic attack. It’s still early in the season. However, it might be wise to make sure you’re prepared now.


Well, if you haven’t been watching the weather, the National Hurricane Center has already used three names on the list, and there are two disturbances in the water now. Proving my point, this year is going to be a highly active one. 

How to prepare, you ask?

Let’s take some time to look at what a lot of the Sothern’s learned, especially Texas in the Winter Storm that hit took out the power for days. There are many ways people stay warm. Now think about it being a hundred degrees outside with no air conditioning. Many people will suffer from heat stroke, some might even die, while others will be downright miserable.

If you watched the news, you know it isn’t wise to wait to the last minute to prepare, you will be like the people in the long lines of Texas with no way to get what you need to make it through until things get back to normal. Not to mention standing in the long lines in the heat, the essential items will disappear at the first real threat of a storm. Add on top that wood is already expensive add a storm it’s price will go through the roof.

Another example why to stock up now, let’s remember the shelves during the pandemic. Well, when a storm comes, it’s going to be a similar experience. Our family faired because of my determination to get items before they disappeared. To this day, I still make sure I stocked up on essential items. I learned during a blizzard when my family lived in West Virginia when we got out just how hard it could be to find milk. If it weren’t for my cousin’s fiancée sending my aunt milk from their dairy farm, my kids would have gone without. I learned then how certain essential items would be necessary to have on hand. It was that experience which leads me to make sure I have things on hand at all times for you never know. The local news said we would get a few inches, only one station got it right when they said we would get thirty-nine inches. It took a week to get dug out before I could get to the store. My mother got out before me, she got all the things I needed except the milk so that my kids had food and diapers.

With all the recent events, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a stockpile in place. You don’t know when a rolling black might happen or for how long. Will you wake up to find a storm formed hit like Hurricane Humberto did to Texas in 2007 that flood the area and killed one person.

Let us talk about some things you might need. Top of the list would be water and non-perishable food for everyone, including your pets. It would be wise to have all your essential paperwork, including insurance paperwork, pictures of your belongings, plus a video along with estimate of their values in a water-sealed container you’ll need this if your house gets damaged. It would be wise to keep them there in the event you have to bug out. If you plan to stay, no matter what, you will need to have cash on hand, a full tank of gas, a lighting source (candles and/or flashlights), a way to cook. If you plan on cooking out which I recommend keeping the heat out of your house. Make sure you have your charcoal or wood in a safe, dry place.

I would highly recommend if you can afford it, to get a generator at least a 4500. It might not be big enough to run your house, but it will run a fan or a window unit to keep you cool. It could mean a significant difference in how you sleep if you have cool air. You will need several containers of gas to have on hand. Can’t afford a generator, then I recommend you look into battery-operated fans, which will allow the air to move placed in a window it could possibly bring in the cooler night air to help cool off your home. Depending on where you live, and the amount of damage could determine how long you will be without power.

Another thing you need to think about is having the necessary medicines with you no matter if you vacate or stay. If they need to be kept cool or dry? You might want to keep them in a small cooler. Either way, you will need to plan for this in advance.

Ok, so you’ve decided there no way you want to stick around. Then it would be wise to have a game plan in place long before you actually leave. The number of people traveling will make roads will be bad enough, but to get to a place only to find out there is no room for they had gotten booked in advance will make you sleep in your car for who knows how long until you find a place. It would be best to have a vacation plan laid out with your family to include where you want to go, what hotel you want to stay at. I would recommend a hotel with a complimentary breakfast; this will help keep down the cost of food. You will also want some sort of entertainment for your kids, like a pool. It could make your stay much more pleasant in the long run, because they’ll have something to do besides watch television all day long. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to pack a bag full of their favorite toys and books. There is nothing like bored kids to add to your already high-stress level.

Let’s face it, any time you are displaced from your home. Even if you are within your home and the power, water, or other services get disrupted, it’s a bad situation. The key is to make it as best as possible by not having to worry about everything. It will be hard enough to make sure you got all the last-minute things you will need, deal with the kids. It would be even worse if you had to do it all at once, you will be bound to forget something.

Do you remember?

With all the things we talked about, do you remember what you need to be prepared? I know it can be overwhelming, so I took the time to make a list for you with quick clicks to links at Amazon. Why did I pick Amazon? They have many products to choose from, plus they will ship everything to your front door. Let’s face it, most of us already shop there.

A note to remember – this list can be used for any type of emergency. A friendly reminder was how the power grid in Texas couldn’t keep up with everyone using their heating systems. I can’t imagine it will be any better this summer with everyone running their Air Conditioners. As a matter of fact, the ERCOT has already asked Texans to be reserved on their Air Condition usage. Yes, we have a lot of windmills to help with the electric. There are many factors that can keep them from working properly.

            Champion”>Generator – I highly recommend it because it has enough watts to run an Air Conditioner if you need to put one in a window to keep cool. It will also run your refrigerator, so you don’t lose all your food.

           Geek”>Battery Operated Fan – It can’t hurt to have one especially if you can’t afford a generator.

            Light Source – A battery lantern is an excellent source. Just remember to get extra batteries.

              Important Documents – Id’s, Birth Certificate, Insurance Paperwork, Pictures/Video of your belongings plus their value, deed, vehicle titles need to be kept in a geckobrands”>waterproof container.

              Non-Perishable Food – Can food is great, remember to get enough for everyone in your family. You might want to pick up extra in case you end up with extra visitors. Snack foods are great to have on hand like dried fruit, nuts, and granola bars. MRE’s are a good source of survival food. Also, things like instant potatoes, pancake mix that just needs water, and powder milk can make for cooking easier.

              Water – You want to have water on hand for drinking, flushing the toilet, bathing, and washing dishes. I don’t know about you, but I can only drink so much water before I am ready for something else. The single packets are great for adding some flavor.

            Extra Batteries – It is always smart to have extra batteries for you don’t know long how long their life span is, you don’t want to be in the middle of using them to have the batteries dye and none as a backup.

              Cash – with the power outage the ATM’s will be down along with credit card machines. You want to make sure you have enough cash on hand to last up to a month. It could be crucial to get more gas or any other essential you might need.

              Full Tank of Gas – This is good in case you need to listen to the radio, cool off in the air conditioning, or you need to get somewhere. If your tank is empty, then that vehicle is pretty much useless.

I don’t know about you but with all this crazy weather and the government wants to go to all-electric, which the grids have already proven they can’t support the usage. California is another state that has power grid problems. They’ve had rolling blackouts as well. With several states having rolling blackouts, I don’t want to put my full trust in relying on the power companies to keep lights on in my house, especially in a time of an emergency. So, my family has decided to have a backup plan. Let’s face it, life is changing, we have to roll with the punches, or we might get suckered punched, leaving us with no control.

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