Cabin Fever – Has The Damn Broken, Ran To The Beach?

It looks as if things are getting back to normal.


Well, since memorial weekend hit, the line of vehicles has been a steady stream onto the beach—some with RVs in tow.

The RV Parks have gotten packed. Even the rental house has filled up. A long row of tents popped up with several chairs, blankets, and towels. People packed tight within their little area as laughs rang through the air, smiles upon their faces. Grills fired up with a barbeque smell that would make anyone’s mouth water.

It’s good to see so much activity. A sure sign that things are getting back to normal, at least here in Southeast Texas.

Everyone enjoyed their time as they swam, surfed, played volleyball on the beach, even built sandcastles in the sand. Kids ran about, and even the dogs enjoyed the fresh air.

Want to take a vacation, plan on coming to the beach?

Recommendation is to make arrangements to book as soon as possible otherwise you won’t be able to find a vacancy.

Should it be a holiday weekend, be prepared to be in a long line of traffic for hours. Or plan to leave the day before and the day after.

The pandemic cabin fever has hit everyone hard. Being in lock down for a year had taken a toll on people to the point the damn has broken. People are willing to take the risk to have some fun and enjoy a day in the sun away from the safety of their home.

With the vaccine out, many might believe that the Covid-19 is post-pandemic. At least it seems that way with all these people out about. Or is it they are tired of being locked away and want to have normalcy in their lives no matter the cost.

Either way, the summer looks to be a busy one. The business in the Village of Surfside is breathing a sigh of relief of having sales start to rack up after a long year of barely scraping by.

Social media posts picked up to let everyone know what specials and entertainment are taking place at certain restaurants to attract the tourists into their establishment. A perfect place to get out of the sun during the day or to relax while eating a hot dinner.


While you are visiting be aware of your surroundings, the weather has warmed up. Meaning the snakes our out. They live in the sand dunes of the beach. They will crawl up onto the wooden walk ways going from the houses to the beach.

Another thing to check is the flags they will tell you if it is safe to get into the water.

Please enjoy your stay!

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