A Unique Visitor

It was mid-afternoon the sky was cloudy as I drove the car down the road. I was heading for the Village of Surfside. Rosalee rode with me in the backseat. Here lately it has been a daily routine since a co-worker is sick, so I have been covering her RV park.

As we went down the road, it seemed like every other day. We were almost at the end of the road at the Levee where we turn to take us to the main road to the island. When I noticed a vase bird perched on top of the leaving the city if Oyster Creek sign on the right-hand side of the road. I believed it to be a hawk, for they are prominent within this area, always flying overhead on the hunt for their next meal.

However, as I got closer, I quickly realized it was not a hawk at all. Did my eyes device me, no they didn’t my mouth fell open as I stared at the image before me. I was in awe of the sight, for it was so early in the day, but there it was before me.

A Barred Owl. Immediately, I told Rosalee to look out the window as I pointed toward the bird for her to see.

Continuing down the road, Rosalee shared her excitement with me about being able to see an owl, for she had never seen one in person before now. The only time she had seen was on the television. I was glad she could have the opportunity to see one of nature’s finest creatures.

After I had completed my business I had to conduct in the Village of Surfside, we got back into the car to travel the same road upon which we had come earlier.

I looked when we arrived at the spot where the owl was, but it was nowhere in sight. Not giving it another thought, I drove on down the road.

Near home Rosalee asked if we could drive by the horses. I agreed, then turned onto the road that would lead us to see them. When a massive bird dove in front of my car. I hit the brakes, brought the car to a halt so I would not hit the bird. It flew up into the tree on the other side of the road, landing on a branch. The next thing I know, it turns its head, looks me in the eye. I was so memorized at the thought it was looking at me I didn’t dare look away. It was as if several minutes had passed before the owl turned its head back around and flew off.

Arriving at home I told my husband, Cliff what happen with the Owl. He told me it was protecting us. I have to say I am amazed that an animal who doesn’t know me or Rosalee would protect us.

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