How We Survived The Cold In Texas.

Welcome; I hope this post finds you well and warm. Today’s post will update how we survived the Power Grid Failure here in Texas. Plus, how things are going on The Elite Series Book Two – Dragon Squad.

Hopefully, we won’t have any more crazy weather like we did last week. I moved south to get away from all that cold air. Unfortunately, this year it decided to visit. It’s a good thing we knew how to prepare for the cold, so we were affected. Though some people were not as prepared, and it hit them hard. The main thing we decided was to get an AM radio to keep up with what is happening.

Yep, you are right. Our cell phone service was out. Every once in a while, it would pop up with some of the news. However, you couldn’t open it to find out what it said. You had to figure things out with the headlines.

The good thing was my husband, Cliff’s cousin knew the mayor of Surfside, so we could get updates through him when he came over to visit. I don’t like being in the dark, not knowing.

Now thawed out, we got to work fixed the pipes that broke. Yesterday’s high was 70 degrees—crazy, right. Good old Texas weather, it changes like a hat.

Some of the things we used to make it through the cold days were the following:

  • Mr. Buddy Heater (Portable Propane Heater. Has great safety features that I love especially with kids.)
  • Adapter Cord (ran outside to larger propane bottle. I recommend because the small bottle only last about four hours.)
  • Old Blankets (Cover doors and windows this kept drafts down. Especially going in out of the house.)
  • Propane Stove (We cooked, plus boiled water for cleaning.)
  • Candles & Propane Lighting (Batteries died to fast due to the cold.)
  • Generator to charge phones & Flashlights, Refrigerator.

A lot of this you can get at most retailers. However, I know the stores in our area are sold out now. However, you can order them online at Amazon. I would do so soon, for the price of these items are going up daily because they are now in high demand.

It has been a crazy month. I am so excited about how Book Two is coming along. Though I had some setbacks, I hope to have it to the editor come March 1st. Yes, this is a month later than I had initially planned.

If you haven’t already checked out, The Elite Series Book One – Dragon Fusion ebook is currently on sale to help celebrate the launch Book Two – Dragon Squad this July 2021.

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