The Elite Series Book Two—Dragon Squad Pre-sale

Welcome; I hope everyone is well with you during these troublesome times as the pandemic mutates, spreading faster than ever. It was bad enough to start with. Now it seems it will be even worse. I know lockdowns are in many places. Hopefully, with the mask mandates and vaccines, the lockdowns will get lifted soon we can all get back to everyday life before the pandemic. Not sure that is really going to happen, but one can hope. All we have is hope. For fear, this virus is here to stay like the flu. We will have to incorporate our lives around the virus every winter.

Today’s post will be about my experience as a new writer, which I had to learn some mistakes the hard way. Then we will wrap up the post with some exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you. I will just have to do my best to contain my excitement as I write this post.

My writing journey has been like anything else when starting new. There is always a learning curve. I have to say I have learned a lot already, plus I am sure I will continue to learn as I move forward with my writing.

The Elite Series Book Two—Dragon Squad, over a year ago; however, the downfall was it got put on hold for several reasons.

One was, I got a critical review from a reader who told me what I did wrong, which I had to correct. I learned from that mistake that I made with Book One—Dragon Fusion, which I couldn’t let rest. I had to go fix my errors. I didn’t feel right having work out there that wasn’t making people happy to read. It is not how I want my writing career to get known as a book that they couldn’t finish. My dream in life is to have people read my book, and it is so good that they don’t want to put it down until they finish the entire book.

I would love the opportunity to thank that person for their review. It has helped me learn more than I could imagine. I have to say sometimes, getting a critical review can be a blessing. It helped me grow with my grammar.

As a new writer, especially an Indie-Author, there are so many areas to learn it can be overwhelming. The key is to stay focused on one project at a time. When I say the project, I mean writing or editing, etc. Of course, you might have to break it up into several times groups a day. As a writer, it is imperative to have a daily schedule to block out each part of your day, writing, editing, social media, marketing, emails, and other projects. Plus, you will need to schedule to remind yourself to do your non-writing career routine like eat, walk the dog, dishes, etc. I think you get the idea.

Above, there are a lot of steps to learn to be an Indie-Author. Even my husband got shocked by all the actions required to complete the process to launch a book. Then all that goes into the marketing. He thought all I had to do was writing it, and boom, it was ready. Well, he found out otherwise. So, he leaves me alone until I spent way too many hours on my writing career; then he tells me, “Hey, you going to do that all night?” Which let me know I have been working too long. So it is wise to remember to schedule downtime for your family.

My writing career is at a rocky stage, but I have confidence that my writing will grow as I continue to write my stories. I hope it will reach a smooth stage soon. If you stand by me as I go through this process, I believe you will very much enjoy my books to come. I plan to have fun along the way with some giveaways, as do other things.

The second thing which has slowed down the launch of Book Two—Dragon Squad is COVID-19, which closed down the field my husband had been working in. I hope it opens back up soon. He is a Heat Treater. Currently, he is doing other jobs while they shut his field down. I’m sure many of you can relate to this since so many people are out of work. Or have taken on other jobs.

Today is an exciting day for me, I hope it is for you as well. What’s the exciting news? First, let’s cover some information about The Elite Series Book Two—Dragon Squad. Book Two is coming together, but the bad news is I have pushed the release date back to July 18, 2021. Why, you asked? Well, I mentioned above.

Now for the good news. Yes, that’s right. I said good news. Dragon Squad is now available for pre-sale for eBooks only at certain individual retailers. Amazon and Google are a few retailers that will not be available until the day of release. So, get your pre-order today.

Paperbacks will not be available for pre-sale. They will be available for sale on the day of release. If you want a signed paperback copy, please let me know in advance via my contact page. That way, when I place my order, I can be sure to get enough copies to sign for everyone.

If you would like a signed paperback of Book Two—Dragon Squad, please let me know via my contact page before May 9, 2021, which is Mother’s Day. I will place my order to allow enough time with the delays because of the pandemic to get the book in on time before launch day.

Want to know about The Elite Series Book Two—Dragon Squad? Well, here is the description:

The battle against the Giants proved to El they had a long way to go to get prepared for what she feared was to come after they learned of the Wizard Magnus Shadowmend and his magical army. Still, being young hindered both her and Zamian, for neither had reached the full magnitude of their powers.

They needed help—approval required from the Queen to create a magic army called Dragon Squad. Together they could train to strengthen their magic. Would it be enough to stop the Wizard Magnus Shadowmend?

Turmoil strikes. Will the Dragon Squad stand together now that their leader has disappeared? Will they do whatever is necessary to find her? As death knocks at their doorstep.

As the enemy lurks within the shadow of their ranks. Can the Pangusy Kingdom leaders band together to save their lands, or will they allow fear to rule their decision they would regret?

Wait, you didn’t read The Elite Series Book One—Dragon Fusion?

What are you waiting for get a copy of Book One—Dragon Fusion today for it is one sale in lieu of the pre-sale of Book Two—Dragon Squad.

Sorry, there is not a sale on The Elite Series Book One—Dragon Fusion Paperback at this time. However, if you order a signed copy of Book One—Dragon Fusion, you will receive a free gift. To order please click here. Click on the PayPal to order your copy. If you would like anything special written on the inside of the cover, please use the contact page.


All paperbacks ordered to be signed. The printing process takes roughly six to seven weeks. The shipping process takes one to two weeks. Sorry for the delay in this process but COVID-19 strikes again making wait times even longer. As soon as I receive them I will take the necessary precautions of wearing a mask, gloves and disinfecting the area before I sign and package up your books for shipment to you.

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