Night Kite Show

Welcome, I hope everyone is well. Hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away. However there are some fun activities are going on in our area. Even with the Covid-19 going on. So, check your area’s to see what is happening. It brightened my spirit to see people still trying to have a good time during the pandemic. They aren’t allowing it to keep them down.

Night On The Beach

This event we went to was so awesome I had to share it with you. It took place on Saturday night at Surfside Beach. It was a Night Kite Show.

Yeah, I know you are thinking, how is that possible it would be hard to see the kites in the dark?

Some of the kites it was hard to see. Mainly you could only see the outline of a few. Then there were others, which you will see in this video below, that lit up the sky. Someone stated that these beautiful kites cost roughly between $2,000 to $10,000. I can believe it they were huge in size.

It was an event that had consestion stands with warm food and drink. It was good for the wind that blew off the Gulf was cold. But it was perfect for the wind was strong enough to keep the kites in the air.

Play video to see all the different types of kites and their amazing colors. If you look close enough in some of the frames, you can see one of the other kites, an American Flag. There was even a dragon, space ships.


Even the bars have opened back up. The ones that don’t have any liquor at this time are opened as a bring your own bottle. No, it doesn’t have to be alcohol it can be sodas or other drinks. It gives people a chance to come together to spend some time out of their homes. My husband and his cousin played some pool. While the kids and I ate French fries. It was nice to get out the house.


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