Winter’s Coming

It’s that time of year when the leaves turn their pretty color. The air gets cooler. Yep, even snowfalls. The homes get decorated inside and out. Presents ordered online to get sent via the store instead of in person. I doubt there will be any caroling this year.

This year has been a challenge for many people because of COVID-19. The virus swept in like a raging wildfire. Just when we thought we got it under control, it sparked into another ablaze of a ball of fire. One can only pray it doesn’t become lava to cover all in the land.

Though I will enjoy baking this year for the little ones that will be in my home. I love to make delicious goodies to eat at this time of year. Hopefully, it will help with the holiday cheer. I am excited I will get to put up my tree and my outside lights this weekend. We had visitors, which kept me from putting it up when I usually do the weekend after Thanksgiving.

New With Me

New grandbaby girl this month. I am so excited. Now I have three grandkids with December birthdays. I told my hubby Cliff we need to start a December fund with all the birthdays and Christmas.

I have currently taken on another job. Yep, I am babysitting to help us financially. The little fellow is a ball of energy. Editing going a bit more slowly now because I have him for seven hours a day. Not to mention, he wares me out. So, on my days off, I get to edit Book Two-Dragon Squad.

Also, we have taken on another trailer project to fix up. This is more my husband’s project than mine. Though I’m sure I’ll get to help with the roof. After all, he can’t do it solely on his own, plus I don’t expect him to. I hope we can get it completed by the beginning of the New Year.

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The battle of the Giants proved to El they could not do this alone. If they want to survive, what she feared was coming. They would need help—approval required from the Queen to create a magic army called Dragon Squad.

Now, with the Dragon Squad in turmoil, will they band together as they search for clues to El’s disappearance?

A turn of events, death now at their doorstep, as the enemy lurks within the shadow of their ranks.

Will the leaders band together to save Pangusy, or will fear rule them to a discussion they’d soon regret?

I hope you have a blessed week.

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