A Personal Thank You To Our Veterans!

Yes, Veteran’s day is here once again. I want to take time to thank all Veterans for their service. You kept us safe every day while we were home enjoying our loved ones.

A veteran myself, I sincerely appreciate the sacrifice you endured while you served our country. For those who don’t understand, I will give you an example.

It was Christmas. I knew everyone was home having a good time with their families while I stood watch on the USS Frank Cable (AS-40). I walked around the outer skin of the ship looked over the bow. I felt honored to keep our country safe while those at home enjoyed their holiday.

Now, think of those who went overseas, put their life online for our country. Many have come home broken, either physically or mentally. Others got disrespected. I can tell you from personal experience it is a hurtful thing to endure. I was in New York for Fleet Week when a young man walked up to me to tell me how awful I looked in my uniform. The people next to me were shocked at his words. There is no comparison to the men/women that come home to be spit on, among other things. It is sad people have no respect for the uniform, plus what it stands for, just like our flag.

The fallen brothers/sisters who didn’t come home may they rest in peace. My heart goes out to your families for their loss. I am sending them a special thank you on this day because you gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country’s beliefs alive and robust.

Please, if you see a Veteran anytime, give them a thank you. It would mean the world to them to know people care about their time served for our country.

I hope all have a blessed day.

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