Indie Author’s Day

Today we are celebrating Indie-Author day.

As an Indie-Author it can be hard to have a successful career especially when they are brand new. It is a lot to learn the ropes, which is hard enough then to add marketing on top of it well it can feel as if you are drowning in a bottomless pool.

So, I hope you will take some time today to support Indie-Author’s like me. Currently, I have one book published Dragon Fusion. Next, year Dragon Squad will be launched.

Each year, libraries and organizations around the world welcome local indie authors, writers, and their communties in f or a day of education, networking, mingling, writing, open mics, panels, and so much more.

Please, check out My Books the eBook is only $3.99, the eBook is $14.99 and you can even get a Signed-Author Copy, which makes a great Christmas Gift.

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