The Elite Series Book Two – Cover Reveal

Ok, before I get into all the useful juicy details about the new book cover.

If you have not gotten your eBook copy of The Elite Series Book One – Dragon Fusion. Now is the time for $3.99.

Yes, that’s right, Book One – Dragon Fusion eBook will be going on sale for $.99 available on Black Friday through Cyber week. Don’t let this opportunity pass. It would make a great Christmas gift.

Now, Book Two – Dragon Squad.

To celebrate the national novel writing month. I chose to share with you Book Two – Dragon Squad cover reveal.

Yes, you are right Book Two – Dragon Squad will be on pre-order for $3.99 by the end of the month. Make sure you pre-order your copy.

  • The battle of the Giants proved to El they could not do this alone. If they want to survive, what she feared was coming. They would need help—approval required from the Queen to create a magic army called Dragon Squad.
  • Now, with the Dragon Squad in turmoil, will they band together as they search for clues to El’s disappearance?
  • A turn of events, death now at their doorstep, as the enemy lurks within the shadow of their ranks.
  • Will the leaders band together to save Pangusy, or will fear rule them to a discussion they’d soon regret?

Are you ready to see the cover?

Of course, you are the reason you are here.

Well, here you go?

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