Covid-19 Update

Well, here in Texas, we have seen a spike in the number of cases. As of now, we have 242,007 cases.

This past weekend we went to the local store near our house. When we went inside, it had become the norm for people to wear no masks. However, this time everyone in the store had a on a mask.

The store was even busier than usual. One employee in the store she had to call in help for the line was longer than I have ever seen it before.

As the case rises, I fear we will be in for lockdowns again. It was nice to have somewhat of normal freedom. I hope we can maintain our freedom by wearing masks.

Good friends of ours are now in quarantine because they had some people over to visit who end up quarantined.

Now, my husband is sick. I am praying he doesn’t have the virus, and it’s just a cold.

When you decide to go out of your house, please take precautions to protect yourself and your family. Be safe!

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