Want a Way to Entertain Yourself?

Welcome, this week, we are going to be talking about a way to Entertain yourself while being at home. Especially since the authorities are talking about another wave of the Coronavirus. I think everyone got cabin fever last time. I pray that it doesn’t happen this time; however, if it does, you can have something to help you pass the time.

If you are looking to read books for free, this is the app for you. The only thing is you can collect the coins for a 15-minute free reading time; otherwise, you have to watch ads to continue to read the story. Upon signing up for the app, it will ask what genre’s you like.

I have to say I have currently read eleven books on Readict app. There have been a couple of stories that were super long. I figured this out after reading one that I thought was never going to end, which it did 89 chapters later. I have since learned, on the description page, there is a spot that tells you the number of chapters for reading. You’ll definitely want to look if you want a quick read.

The plots in these stories are fascinating; of course, some are better than others. The only downside is some have a lot of ads, and there are grammar errors. But, hey, if you can look over that, you will have some useful material to read for free.

It will keep your books in your library, making it easy to get back to plus it remembers where you are, so once you click on the book cover, it will take you back to where you left off. I love this feature. I hate having to try and relocate my spot when reading.

Well, I hope you have a chance to check this app out and get to enjoy some wonderous reading.

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