What Are Your Plans For Holloween?

As Holloween approaches, the number of cases of Covid on the rise. Will you brave the crowd of Trick-or-Treat this year?

Here in Texas, I have heard Trick or Treat will occur in one of the larger neighborhoods. There is usually an abundance of Trick-or-Treaters due to the number of houses within the subdivision. It makes it easy for parents to take their children around door to door. It is a reasonably secure environment for safety.

Also, many churches will have Holloween functions for the kids to attend this year. As for how large of a crowd will attend. I am not sure. Most of the time, they too have a large number of people.

Then again, you could always host a Holloween party at your home. It will allow you to regulate the number of people who come in contact with your family. However, the downside is the time of planning and the cost of hosting such an event.

As much as I would love for things to be normal during this time of year, all the festivities there is to enjoy. I fear we may have to curve the way we celebrate the holidays until this Pandemic is alleviated.

Whatever you chose, please be safe. Observe your kids, especially when you are in large crowds. There have been numerous of Human Trafficking going on.

Stay safe, Happy Holloween.

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