What I Learned Preparing For My Launch

Welcome Everyone, I want to share with you about how my first book launch went. It was an experience I won’t forget.

Plus, why is it crucial to promote your book before your launch? And not just for the sales?

Which, I share in the video here. If you want to read about the contents of the video, please see below the video.

I initially set up my book just as an eBook to get my feet wet. Since this was my first book, come to find out I had several people ask me for the information about the paperback. Yeah, though most people switched to eBooks, now I know better.

Luck enough, the platform I had chosen, Draft2Digital. I will explain why I chose them. I wanted a simple platform, basically a one-step so I could focus on other things like the contents and the book cover. Draft2Digital helps with the formatting of the books you choose the one you want from their selection. They get the ISBN for you, which makes it much more straightforward, less to worry about in the process.

Draft2Digital was starting to launch its Paperback side. I immediately signed up on the waitlist. I knew it wouldn’t launch the day my eBook did, and I was fine with that, considering I wasn’t planning to do it from the start. Now I had some information to share with the people that we’re requesting the paperback.

I was so excited to celebrate my first book published. I decided to set up a Launch Party to celebrate. Yes, it was not how I planned it at all.

The next thing I knew, I had to cancel my launch Party.


Because I got sick, like couldn’t get out of bed sick. Four days later, after my launch date, I started to feel better. Getting up, I checked my emails first to see what I had missed. It looked that all my eBooks had gone to their perspective stores, getting online, doubt-checked each store. All was well. My book had launched without me. Next, I emailed to find out about the status of my paperback. I got told they had sent me an email. I reply I didn’t get an email. They told me to find the email and follow the directions.

I search frantically through my emails, for I hadn’t seen an email from them. Boom there it was in the spam folder. Really, every other email went into my inbox only to have one of the most important ones to end up in spam. I approved the proof, and here are the results.

My Paperback Book One in the Elite Series – Dragon Fusion this is the front, then the spine, and the back. The inside has cream-colored paper for easy reading. It also has Dragon’s head at the beginning of each Chapter. A pile of rocks with a sword splits up sections.

You can go to Karen Carnahan. The front page is my books, where you can see the cover as well as about the book. There is a link to the eBook, paperback, and signed paperback for the US only. People outside the US will have to contact me via the Contact page because shipping is different due to your location.

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Thank you for reading/viewing have a blessed day.

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