The Ultimate Fall Printouts For Your Planner

Welcome, I hope this post finds everyone well. With the Coronavirus, we have to be more cautious than ever to protect our health as well as our family. Speaking of family, I know there was a lot of controversy about the incident with Erin Condren and her children. I understand everyone has their opinions. I am not here to take sides. However, some expressed wanting to get new calendar/planners.

Here is a solution for you?

It is genuinely a fantastic planner for you, with everything that goes on in our crazy lives it would be a blessing to have something to make our lives easier. Time management is everything this day in age. So let me tell you a little about the planner.

To start with, it is for the Fall. It includes 130+ Pages; this includes Fall Quotes, Wall Art, which is great to put around your office to decorate to keep you positive while you do your daily routine of work.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the holiday season. My days are crazy with all everything, such as parties, costumes, dinners, baking, blogging, and writing books; this is amazing the details that were placed in this planner. I have to same I am impressed.

I am looking forward to using it.

What does it contain?

Good question here is a list of some of the things included:

Holiday Prep

  • Halloween Holiday Prep
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Prep
  • Thanksgiving Menu Planning & Shopping List
  • Menu Templates
  • Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule
  • Thanksgiving Prep List
  • Thanksgiving Recipe List
  • Tips on Getting Kids involved in Holiday & Seasonal Prep
  • Guest List
  • WIFI Sign


  • Simple Fall Décor Ideas
  • Halloween Décor Checklist
  • Thanksgiving Décor Checklist
  • Fall Color Schemes

Getting Ready for Fall

  • Halloween Movie List
  • Halloween Playlist
  • Fall Clothing Checklist
  • Fall Bucketlist
  • Kids Fall Bucketlist
  • Fall Cleaning Checklist
  • Fall Scents to Try
  • Fall Drinks to Try
  • Best Places to See Fall in the US
  • Fall Skin Care Tips

Back to School Prep

  • My First Day of…(Insert grade or school)
  • Back to School Checklist
  • Homeschool Schedule
  • Lunchbox Love Notes

Fun & Helpful Fall Extras

  • Simple Fall Craft Ideas
  • Fall Life Hacks
  • Fall Reflections
  • Fall Monthly Planner
  • Weekly Fall Planner
  • Daily Fall Planner
  • Sept-Dec Calendars
Check out all the pictures in this video.

You can change the size of these printouts within PDF, to make them fit your binder.  Can you imagine having all this help with the holidays coming?

Don’t miss out on this 130+ Page Printout for your calendar/planner.

I know this year is going to be different from the Coronavirus going on. Let’s think about this for a minute. Are you going to have your kids trick or treating at stranger’s homes, will you be throwing a Holloween party with people you know who aren’t sick, or will it just be your immediate family? These are the things we are going to have to think about, and soon Holloween is only two months off.

Yes, that means Thanksgiving is three months and Christmas is four months away, time is flying. Now is the time to prepare before it is too late. The stores are bare now food prices have been rising. This planner printouts are the perfect thing to start your preparation process.

Not to mention will you be shopping this holiday season in the stores, or will you be shopping online? If you plan to buy online, then you will want to give plenty of time for shipping. The Coronavirus has put a delay on many things, including shipping.

Let this planner printouts help you prepare. Again, there are 130+ pages for you to use. I hope this planner helps.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. There may be someone who could benefit from this post. Follow so you can keep up with new posts. Have a blessed day.

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