Scribblersquest (A Writer’s Journey) – Weekly Update 6/12

Welcome to my weekly update of what is going on with Karen Carnahan’s life as a writer. Each week I share with my readers so they can have a chance to get to know me, personally and professionally. As I go through the learning process, I share my experiences as an Author/Blogger, plus informative things I’ve found on this journey.

Personal Things

It has been a sad beginning of the week for me. On Sunday, my dad let me know that my Uncle (his bother) died, may he rest in peace. I’ve been in a blah mood all for three days.

I tried hard to focus on my work; however, my granddaughter has had other plans such as tea parties. The good thing is I have figured out how to have a tea party while I type. I can imagine what it will be like when I go to edit. 😊

The internet keeps going down to make matters worse. Amazing the power of the internet can shut you down faster than anything. I move onto the next thing on the list that doesn’t require the internet, like cleaning my house.

Or I go somewhere else to do an essential part of writing, which is observing people noting how people interact with themselves as well as others—logging it into a notebook for future reference with a character. One of the places I like to observe people is on the beach. I have seen people be sweet as pie to one another, while others can be as mean as an alley cat. Kids can lead the world in making friends; they have no fear. Adults should take lessons from them. I have to say I enjoyed the beach. The only problem with the beach is the sun. Once I’ve been in the sun for an hour or so, I’m looking for shade. Grateful, there is a restaurant close by, with a shaded porch.

Coronavirus Update

Well, now that good old Texas has reopened about 50%, the case of Coronavirus is on the rise. Three days straight, Houston has had a rise in case we are at level two, which means wear your protective gear, be careful don’t go anywhere unless necessary. I don’t know if we will get back to level one. I hope not, I know, for a fact, we can’t survive another stay at home. Yes, my hubby got a job; however, he’s making half of what he made before the stay at home order. It will be a while before we climb out of the hole financially. I am pretty sure we are not alone in this situation. It has been hard for many people. As you go out to do your errands, please be safe.

New Book Cover

On a more positive note, I selected the mock-up for the Dragon Squad – Book Two of The Elite Series, which is being done by Andrea Fodor, CReya-tive. She does fantastic work. If you need a book cover, please check her out; her covers sell like hotcakes. They sell within minutes of her posting them.

You’ll have to stick around to find out the reveal date of Book Two’s cover. I am excited; I can’t wait to share it with you all. Oh, anyone who has signed up, to join my adventure, will get received puzzle piece of the book cover reveal a week earlier than all others.

Blog Recommendations

I chose taglines for this week’s blog recommendations, seeing I had to come up with the tagline for the Dragon Squad book cover. I figured I would share what I have found out about taglines: What Makes a Good Book Tagline? By Nicola. This post has a list of taglines that worked, even ones that didn’t work. Also, a list to let you know what to include when making your tagline. You want a catchy tagline for people to remember. How to Write a Tagline for Your Book (And Why You Need To) by Angela Ackerman. This post gives you the description/example of a Logline as well as a Tagline. Both are good to know how to use.

Personally, I took the info from both of these blog posts when coming up with the tagline for the second book. I have to say I learned a lot from these posts.

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed what you read within this post. If there is anything you would like to hear, see or improve, please let me know within the comment section.

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