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I have enjoyed this week has been relatively relaxing. As I told you last week, I have been researching doing an online book launch due to everything being closed. Well, I have been planning the launch. You would think it would be easy to plan a party. In-person I can knock it out with no problem; however, doing it online is a bit different—more details on this in Sundays Post (June 7th).


Have you ever made a list, then wondered how you were going to get it all done?


This was me this week. I made a list so I could put it on my calendar. Only to realize there wasn’t enough space in my calendar for everything. I am going to have to rethink my calendar for next year. I have to say running your own business, whether it be an Author to Construction you have to organize. Plan things out; otherwise, you would get lost in the wind tunnel of things to remember in your head.

I recommend a calendar with an area to have a checklist. I would write down on a separate sheet of paper all the things you need to get done I would do a monthly, weekly, then by day. Prioritize them before putting them into your calendar. I know a lot of people like to do it either on their phone or computer. However, I like it written down in front of me. I want to see what I have to get done, especially since I am busy on the computer all the time or my phone. I don’t want to have to switch over to my calendar to see what’s next or if it time to switch to the next project.

Time can be of the essence; as a writer, you have to break things up throughout the day so you can keep yourself on task to allow the work to flow. An example would be; take 30 minutes to do a sprint writing on your current book. Then move onto editing a chapter. Next, you write a blog, then do another sprint writing. Moving on to check emails, social media, eat lunch, and exercise. I think you get the idea. It can be nerve-racking to keep track of everything, plus add in your normal daily life things like laundry, to cook dinner, kids, and meetings or phone calls. You got it craziness.

The cool thing, which is the part I love, is placing a checkmark next to the item on my list, showing it’s completed. Also, it gives me a reference to show me everything I have done for the week. It a sense of accomplishment when I look at the list of things I have done. Yeah, it puts a smile on my face.


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I have started this week to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. One thing about us writers is we sit so much we sometimes forget to consider our health. I have to say. After some of my exercises, I was able to come up with some great idea that allowed the words to follow, as I wrote.

So, the next time you get writer’s block, go out for a good long walk. Take a friend to talk to or listen to music, leave the writing at home. You might be amazed at how easy things come to you after you’ve cleared your mind.


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As for my writing this week, I worked on the back blur for Dragon Squad Book Two of The Elite Series; plus, the tagline. Yes, this means I will be getting the book cover done soon.

I will let you know at a later date when the book cover will be revealed. Anyone that has signed up for my newsletter will get to see the reveal a week earlier than everyone else as a thank you for being a loyal fan.


Blog Recommendations


I only have one for you this week. I want to focus on blogging. As a writer, you have to find a way to drive traffic to your website or newsletter to get your fans to follow you.

I have chosen to write a blog with a newsletter, which of course, you know for you are now reading it, and thank you for doing so.

This week I checked out the following:

           Chasing Foxes – Grace has some great ideas to help you with your blogs, from content, planning, freebies, and Pinterest templates. To help you build your audience, to have a fantastic blogging platform.

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