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Well, this week has been a busy one for me. However, it has been most enjoyable. My husband started a new job. Yay! We are now getting used to a new schedule. Plus, I have my granddaughter full time; I am incorporating her into my daily schedule to allow time for her but still get my work done.

Radio Interview

I don’t know if you saw the post, for it was an extremely short notice about the interview scheduled on Monday, May 25th; if you heard it, thank you for tuning in. They emailed me the recording the next day. I listened to the whole program from that night. I have to say I will be listening more they play some awesome music, which I enjoyed listening to, I am now a big fan. I put my headset on and dance around the house as I get my daily chores done.

It was great being on the air with Ron at Chat and Spin Radio. If you have never heard of Chat and Spin, they are an internet radio station that serves the United Kingdom and internationally 24/7. Feel free to check them out. 

I have to say I was nervous. Of course, my dog Rosco never barks. I get on air with Ron, and he barks continuously. As soon as the interview is over with he stops barking, go figure. He’s like a kid when you get on the phone they pick that moment to get loud or get into a fight. It’s like they know you busy with something else.


As a new author, it’s hard to get the word out for all in the world to know, “Hey, my book is for sale. ”Most people be like, “Who are you, and why should I buy your book?”

I have been researching how to go about getting the word out and get people to become fans. I have found some great things which I will be implementing. I look forward to the fun I will be enjoying with my fans who have joined my adventure. So don’t miss out.

I have learned about #bookstagram on Instagram, which I will be using in the future with all my writing posts.

Should anyone know of another site, please leave it in the comments to help your fellow writer.

Current Work    

Well, this week, I have made some changes to my website; please feel free to check out the new changes.

I made it easier to access your favorite store. I also put out information about Book Two and Book Three.

I also set up a contact me page. If there is something you would like me to address within my blog or if you are seeking an answer to a specific question. Please send me a message via my contact page.

I am still working on editing Dragon Squad – Book Two in The Elite Series.

I’ve started to rewrite Dragon Mage – Book Three in The Elite Series. In case you missed last week’s blog, my file vanished from my OneDrive, ☹ it was horrible all six chapters gone.

I have come up with another idea for another Series, more on that once I decided for a fact if it’s something I will take on at this time. I might wait until I have finished with The Elite Series.

Blog Recommendations

 I checked these Blogs out this week, great advice on planning a book launch. This has been great advice, though it will be hard to implement some of it since a lot of places are still closed due to the Coronavirus.

How To Throw The Best Online Party Ever by Barnes and Noble. I was researching since the book store that was near me has closed. I am looking into doing a virtual launch for my book due to come out on July 7th. Also, I believe it will be more in my budget at this time considering the hit we took with the Coronavirus.

How To Throw A Book Launch Party by Book Cave. I have to say, after reading this blog, yeah, an online book launch might be useful, but I have to wonder if an in-person one wouldn’t be better. Especially if you can get the local media involved. Something to think about, I will have to get this some serious thought plus discuss this with my husband. Maybe I can do both?

How To Throw A Book Launch Party That Isn’t A Waste Of Time by Chris Robley. Ok, this makes me want to run I can feel the nerves building already. However, it has excellent advice to set up an in-person book launch. The question is we move so much do we know enough people in this area to do one at a venue?

Well, with this information, I tried to look up a venue to have my book launch. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, everything is still closed. It looks as if I will be scheduling an online book launch.

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