Scribblersquest – Has your writing ever been derailed?


Starting as of this week and every week afterward, I will be doing a weekly blog from Scribblersquest (means a writers journey) which is basically my adventures for the week. I will have other blog post through out the week on occasion. I hope you’ll enjoy this post. You will recognize it via the feature picture.

Well, it is the end of another week. I have to be honest with you I haven’t gotten much writing or editing done this week. I will probably work this weekend. Yes, my writing got derailed, for a short period of time.

However, there was a reason for this delay. We had a bit of concern this week. A man in a black pickup truck stopped in front of our home. He started talking with our seven-year-old granddaughter, who was playing in the yard. He asked her if she was the one who liked crawfish. I was outside, not sure if he saw me or not until I told the man no, she doesn’t, but my husband does. My husband heard me speaking with a man he came out to see who I was speaking too. He walked over talked with the man. He wasn’t selling any crawfish, which gave us concern.

Canopy Project

Project Canopy

My husband came up with the idea to make a canopy for our trailer. Project canopy was underway. It was reasonably easy to do, not to mention didn’t inexpensive. We hit the local hardware store selected some 1-inch PVC pipe along with some 90s and a few tees. A bag of zip ties later, we headed out the door of the store.

Connecting the pipes, we didn’t glue them together. That way, if we need to move, we can take it apart to take with us. He cut two of the 10-foot pipes to make legs so the canopy could be at an angle to allow rain to run off. We pulled a tarp we had across the frame, zip-tied it to the frame. Leaving one side hanging down for the sun hits this side the most. We connected it to the trailer using S-hooks we already had. We then tied off the post. Unfortunately, living close to the beach, we get strong winds, which was lifting the canopy off the S-hooks. My husband used a rope tied it to the canopy top and a 4 x 4 on the ground to hold it in place, plus he put the poles in cinder blocks we had and filled them with gravel. Now it doesn’t lift when the wind blows.

It turned out better than I had hoped. It does the job keeps the sun from beating down on us while we sit outside. Plus, I can see my computer screen, which is a big help.

Now, I can do two things at once watch granddaughter while she plays in the yard and still be able to get my writing, editing, social media, and check the amazingly long list emails I get during the day.

Please watch your kids/grandkids closely. Times have changed since my kids were young. I could watch them from the kitchen window; unfortunately, you can’t do that these days.


In Writing

This week I was able to find a couple of great blogs. I want to share them with you. If you are still learning like me or you want to freshen up, you might like these, through The Writers Life.

Patreon (Writer’s Path Writers Club

I joined this week, the cost was $1 a month. On this site, you get discounted services, free services, a list of book review bloggers, and book promotion swap page. I will let you know if this is beneficial in my writing.

I did some scrolling through the Book Reviews. It seems a lot of the people listed to do reviews are currently in a backlogged status at this time. You may need to go through several until you find one that is accepting submissions.


Internet Radio

Ian, Station Manager with Chat and Spin Internet Radio, which covers UK Local, National, and International, posted in a writing group asking for Authors who wanted free publicity.

Having an opportunity like this kick-started me into learning how to write a Media Press Release. For anyone new in writing, I googled Media Press Release images. I looked through them until I found one which caught my eye. Which I turned into my Media Press Release form, I prayed; I had everything needed as I sent it off. Several sites have templets you can purchase. I am on a strict budget; there are no funds for extra expenses such as this.

Well, I submitted my book information. I double-checked with Ian to ensure he received the email I sent. He confirmed he would be getting back with me in a couple of days. When I find out all the juicy information, I will pass along the info as soon as I have the details.


My Book

I am excited to announce come launch date of July 7, 2020, Dragon Fusion has been approved and will be available on Google Play Books as well as Amazon Kindle.

Reminder: It still is currently available for pre-order at the following: Barnes & Noble (Nook), Apple Store, Rakuen Kobo click here for your preferred store.


Family Loss

We had a loss in our family. It wasn’t related to the Coronavirus as far as we know. We were told by a family member, he had the test done, which came back negative. He was having trouble breathing by the time he got to the hospital he died. May you rest in peace, John Gassaway.


Coronavirus Update

Texas has had quite a few more new cases in the Coronavirus. Also, the highest number of deaths in one day since the pandemic began.
Stores are slowly reopening. I have noticed some people are wearing a mask, and some are choosing not too.
Some fast-food restaurants are stilling to only doing drive-thru, which is making for rather long lines. Restaurants that have opened for people to come in to eat, such as the Mexican Restaurant in Freeport, have marked tables as unavailable to ensure they only use the percentage allowed to maintain social distancing.
Several of the city offices haven’t opened in our area. My daughter went to renew her State ID only to find the office was closed.
It will be interesting to see if Governor Gregg Abbott allowed the state to continue with the reopening after the report of so many deaths.


Bottom Line

Life sometimes life throughs us a curveball. The key is to not allow whatever happened to keep you down. Pick yourself backup dust off the dirt to continue where you left off. Happy writing!

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