Coronavirus – Southeast Texas Update

It is exciting times here in good old Texas. We are now fixing to start Phase II of getting back to normal come today. Yes, the malls, theaters, and restaurants will be opening back up. You can even go to the hair salon. You will have to make an appointment for time slots will be limited, but it’s a start. I know I am excited.

Cabin fever has set in at my house. My hubby ready to go back to work before he goes crazy. Being locked up with three females, he’s more than ready to be around the men again. As for me, well, I finished editing Book One in The Elite Series, Dragon Fusion, which is due to release on July 7th. Yeah, it looks as if I might get to do an actual book launch. I may still do an online one as well for all that can’t make it to the book launch. As for the time and place that has yet to be determined.

I am ready to have a break on all this cooking, Chinese food here we come. If you all ever get to the Lake Jackson area in Bazario County, I highly recommend going to The Taste of Nations. The food there is excellent. Jeffery, the waiter/owner, is incredible. It’s a family-owned establishment. They do their best to make sure your visit one you won’t forget.

A reminder I know I have expressed excitement here. I also know many are still sick, and many have died. Let us have a bit of silence for those who have fallen from this illness. To give a prayer for the ill plus to give thanks for the recovered. A war of disease, we are all in this together, so remember your fellow neighbors and friends.

Please be safe in your travels, remember to wash hands/sanitize, wear masks to stay healthy.

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