Words Not To Use, When Writing

The Emotion Thesaurus Yes, this means there are actual words when writing a novel, an article, blog post, marketing copy, etc. There are certain words to remove to make your story stronger. This allows the reader to get to the part of your storyline faster to such them into wanting to read more.

If you want your work to look polished and professional. Well, if you have used these words. You have a bit of revising to do in your story.

List of words to remove:

“One of”
“Some” this includes: Sometimes, something, someone, somewhere, somewhat, somebody, somehow, etc.
“To be”
“Very” – very tired (exhausted)
very sad (morose)
Adverb end with “ly” – loudly, painfully, beautifully, totally, completely, absolutely, literally, definitely,
Certainly, probably, actually, basically, virtually, really, etc.
Leading words – so, mostly, most time, in order to, often, oftentimes.
Any dialog tag – asked, said, told, replied, etc.

That (This should be removed if the sentence makes sense without it)
Just (You don’t want too many of these. If you need it to get your point across, you can keep it.)
Then (recommend using instead of or and)
Start, Begin, Begun, Began (These are an interruption to the action.)
Rather, Quite (Don’t need.)
Down, Up (Don’t need.)
Wonder, Ponder, Think, Thought, Fell, Felt, Understand, Realize (These removed the reader.)
Breath, Breathe, Inhale, Exhale (these are two commonly used.) Recommend look for link {The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi available on Amazon.
Shrug, Nod, Reach (try to use more action words instead of these) Recommend you have another reader read to make sure it contains action.

These words are not necessary. They slow down the flow of the story, which takes the reader out of the storyline. You don’t want this to happen; they could lose focus, allowing them to get bored for them to stop reading.


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Dragon Fusion

El was an average fifteen-year-old kid, who set out for a quiet walk in her small-town park to relax before having to conquer a book report. However, El never expected to see sparks fly out from her fingertips…

Totally blindsided, El learned the truth of her identity, realizing her whole life had been a lie, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for the upcoming changes.

El’s newfound powers frightened as well as excited her. Finding help from an unlikely ally, a dragon, El must decide if she should embrace her destiny or walk away from a world in peril. A spark begins to ignite within her. Will the fire which brews inside sway El in her decision to embrace her destiny?


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