Happy New Year Eve

Well, the end of the year has arrived.

I usually take this time to reflex on all the things that have happened within the year. Good as well as bad; it can be astounding to realize some of the things that you endured within a year.

Another thing I like to look at is the accomplishments I have achieved, plus the ones that I didn’t get completed. That way, I can figure out what went wrong so that I can be able to conquer them within the new year.

Once I do all that, then I get ready to celebrate the evening to bring in the New Year. Where I stay in with family, which is what I do this day in age. When I was younger, I would go out, but only if it was in driving distance or if I could get a cab. This is the worst night for driving, so please, if you are driving, be careful. Party hardy!

If you have any particular things that you do at the end of the year, would love to hear about them? Leave me a comment.

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