Travel Trailer Living

More people are switching to living in travel trailers either for financial reasons or because they want to travel.

I am here to tell you when I read some of the articles about all the kitchen accessories they recommend; I want to laugh. All the while, I’m wondering where in the world are they storing at the stuff they list.

When my husband started to look for our home, I had one main wish that the kitchen is a good size. I have to say he did a wonderful job. He found a used 1970 Holiday Rambler on Facebook. Yeah, we had to travel from Texas to Louisiana to pick it up, but it was well worth the time and money.

There were some modifications done to it, like the removal of the two twin beds replacing it with a queen bed in the main bedroom. It made for a bit less walking space but much better sleeping. We had to do some changes ourselves, like the removal of a cabinet that the previous owner had built to give us more room. I am happy with our home. We have been living in it for five months now.

As you can see it still needs some TLC.

It was a chore to decide what to bring from the 1,200 square foot to our now 320 square foot home. We mainly chose the things we use the most. We did our best to make our little home as relaxing as what our big home was. We even brought some of our pictures as well as to give it that live in feel.

At times it can be a challenge to figure out where to put everything, you will need to be flexible for things can change from one day to the next. We noticed right away that the former owner removed the air/heat unit. We got an Energy Saver Air Conditioner, then a Buddy Portable Heater, which works great. We even got the hose to connect it to a five-pound bottle (two day’s running full time), which lasts longer than the portable bottles (four hours running full time). We normally run it at night time to take the chill out of the air, then in the morning unless it’s really cold, we’ll leave it on all night. We set it on top of the counter so that it doesn’t get knocked over by a kid or the dog.

Rosco our Rottweiler.

Now for anyone that loves to cook like I do, moving into a travel trailer can be a bit of a challenge trying to decide what to use for cookware. I have to say I have come to love my cast iron pans; they are great for the stovetop, oven as well as outdoor cooking (in the summertime, you will do a lot it if you want to keep your home cool). Plus, they are super easy to clean. Not to mention, you can cook almost anything in them.

The bottom line as to when it comes to your kitchen, it will be up to you to decide what is best for your kitchen, where I got blessed to have a large kitchen with a four-burner stove, microwave, nine cabinets, four drawers and a double door pantry, and the refrigerator which is not a bad size. Not everyone’s kitchen is this large. There was no television, but no worries since most parks have free wifi we watch shows on the computer, being the fact that it is portable we can watch it anywhere.

I would recommend before you take all your bakeware to measure your oven. Travel Trailer, as well as RV’s ovens, are smaller in size, not to mention some use conventional ovens built-in with their microwave.

Plus, I use my large wooden cutting board for many things; it will fit over the sink or the stove so I can use it if I need extra counter space. It’s great for making biscuits on because they don’t stick.

Now I have to say I do have the following in my kitchen that I use daily, Coffee Pot, Knife Set, Pot Holders, Large Trash Can, Kettle, Drying Mat (Dishes), Cooking Utensils, Tupperware (Limited), Plates, Cups, Glasses, Spices (One Cabinet designated we love a bit of spice), and an Extra refrigerator (hubby just had to bring with him) though I thought it took up a lot of space it has gotten a lot of use. The top became a great place for the Christmas Tree.

I also love the fact that there are three closets, two drawers, and a small storage compartment, which is great when you have a family of four living in the travel trailer.

The main fact I have to say about living in a travel trailer is organization; otherwise, you will lose your mind trying to find things, plus a place to put something. Think small, for there isn’t much room.

My recommendations for being organized:

  • Containers Clear (small & medium) – Great for storage (You can label)
  • Racks to make split shelving (Great for plates, bowls, cups, spices)
  • Hooks – great for hanging towels among other things
  • Bags that Zip – great for clothes/blankets (not being used)
  • Laundry Bags – Mesh with handle for easy carrying
  • Portable Washer – This way, you don’t have to run to laundry mat all the time. Not always do the washer and dryers work at the facilities that you stay within. Or if you are off-grid, you still have clean clothes. The only downfall is you have to hang them to dry. In which case, I recommend a foldable clothing rod. (Also saves money).

Living in a travel trailer can be a great reward; it takes some adjustment, especially if you work from home; don’t forget the key is the organization in small proportions… laugh.

Happy travels!

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